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Resources Index

Top spot - How to fix broken boot-loader

Top spot - How to use ‘Live’ OMLx iso to repair broken OMLx system

How to contribute user’s documentation

Upgrading from Rock/5.0 to ROME/rolling (2024-01-20)

Upgrading Rock/4.3 to Rock/5.0

Checking checksums to verify integrity of OMLx .iso files

How to make Fcitx Anthy work

How to create a new profile in konsole

How to restart frozen system with Magic SysRq key

How to set user ID to 1000 instead of 1001

How to register to ABF

How to make the ‘slim’ ISO localized in your own language

Como fazer a ISO ‘Slim’ do ROME traduzida para a sua linguagem

How to setup Shared Folder in VirtualBox

How to use Qemu in ROME (and Cooker)

Checklist for testing ROME and Rock ISOs

Package testing for ROME and Rock

User wants to install 3rd party software

How to downgrade ROME TP to true ROME rolling release

Possible solutions for laptop/notebook brightness control issues

How to upgrade Rock/OMLx 4.3 to Rolling

How to switch repos from http to https

DnfDrake - How to enable case insensitive search

DnfDrake - Selecting packages and installing them from a list

How to use swap file for hibernation and hybrid sleep

Creating a swap file after installation

How to Improve performance and stability with zRAM

How to Install OpenMandriva Lx 4.3

DnfDrake overview

How to submit bug report to Github Issues

How to run a program (or application) not available in our repository list

OMLx distribution upgrade

How to upgrade OpenMandriva Lx 4.2 to Rolling full process with screenshots

How to install Wine in OpenMandriva Lx 4.3

How to install Steam in OpenMandriva Lx 4.3

How to install codecs in OpenMandriva Lx

Helpful tips for those new to OM Lx or Linux

How to create a data partition with OMLx Calamares installer

How to upgrade from Rock/Lx 4.1 to Rolling/Lx 4.2 Alpha

Repositories tl;dr

How to use PIA VPN with OpenVPN

How to edit repository file to use a specific URL or Mirror

Tips for manual partitioning with Calamares installer

What to do if there is a problem installing OMLx

How to install Steam in OpenMandriva Lx 4.1

How to OMLx 4.1 feeling like Ubuntu (Desktop Presets)

How to OMLx 4.1 feeling like Windows 7 (Desktop Presets)

How to OMLx 4.1 feeling like Windows 10 (Desktop Presets)

How to OMLx 4.1 feeling like macOS Mojave (Desktop Presets)

How to get a list of all packages included in the ISO

How to fix ugly toolbar icons in inkscape 1.0 beta2

How to Report Bugs Effectively

How to set the user avatar in OMLx 4.0

How to configure printer in OM Lx

How to Install OpenMandriva Lx to USB flash drive

How to edit repositories in your OM Lx system

How to do safer downloads from command line

How To use dnf (any version of OM Lx)

How to edit dnf repositories for a specific mirror (Lx 4.0 and Cooker)

How to get things from one computer to another, safely, with IPFS

How to correct most common cause of incorrect time in dual boot (w/Windows) systems

How to get a list of the latest updates

[Forum] How to mark your topic as ‘resolved’

[Forum] How to post code as code

How to create or have mounted at boot a data partition with KDE Partition Manager

How to have root, home, and swap partitions created during OpenMandriva Lx installation

How to create a separate data or storage partition during installtion of OpenMandriva

How to update OpenMandriva Lx 3

How to attach files from Dolphin to thunderbird

How to have a specific set audio volume on booting or logging in to Plasma5 desktop

How to remove and recreate database RPM

How to use gnome-keyring with Skype

How to enjoy screensaver images in Screen Locking

How to fix Steam crashing in Openmandriva Lx 3.0

Japanese support in OpenMandriva LX 3.0