Install not preserving old home partition

I install linux many times with 1 hard drive for home partition and root and swap on another.
I installed LX4.1 to replace another crapola distro I was trying. So I chose to intall OpenMandriva replacing the previous OS, and checked the box to reuse the home partition. But when it has finished, I find the old home disk is not mounted; it has created /home in the root partition.
Some distros give you a custom partition option, so you can choose in detail to keep or reformat the existing drives. And pclinuxos was smart enough to automatically keep the old home in similar situation.
So I guess I go and hack fstab…

  • _OpenMandriva Lx version:_4.1

Welcome @jeepster

Note for all users: I would not reuse a /home partition from some other Linux distro or an older version of OM Lx. I can assure all users that OM developers rather strongly do not recommend this practice. Any problems that result have an easy solution. Do not do that.

It is hard to know exactly what you did without screen shots or calamares-installation.log. The calamares-installation.log is in /var/log so if you could attach that here that would be helpful.

The only way I know of to have separate / and /home with OM’s Calamares installer is by using Manual Partitioning. If you are in position to do a reinstall that is described here.

Manual Partitioning would be the custom option you refer to.

For more about OM Lx see this and this. OM Lx documentation is a work in progress at present.

that log is pretty big - even the parts referring to /dev/sda and /dev/sdb spans about 7 screens worth.
Anyway I know recycling /home from another distro is not advised, as the UID and GID tends to vary between distros, so you probably can’t even login, but I changed them and it works…
And so far I like it. You have pleasant fonts in OpenMandriva - looks better than many of the distros that I have tried.

Just copy it to a .txt file and attach the .txt file here. On the other hand if you aren’t having any problems then no reason to attach anything.

If you know what you are doing and it works then that is great. Glad to here you are happy with OM Lx.

My main purpose was to impart that it is possible (easy in fact) to use existing partitions with OM Lx.