How to switch to Plasma 6?


I am currently on OMLx ROME 24.01, it’s been a nice experience thus far. But I have noticed the task-plasma is still on 5.27.9 (which I’m currently running as we’re speaking). After some searching, I’ve seen task-plasma6 in the repos (I have enabled the Rolling, Unsupported, Restricted and Non-Free repos, for the sake of transparency of this post). I tried to do sudo dnf in -y --allowerasing task-plasma6 and I got a whole bunch of conflicts. After doing some cleaning up of the output, I ended up at this list of packages that conflicted with my KDE Plasma 5.27 install (for more or less obvious reasons):


I didn’t want to take any chances with my production machine, so I reproduced the steps in a VM, forcefully deleted the old packages (or rather, I did sudo dnf in -y task-plasma6 | tee output, then cleaned up and sorted the output so I only have the old packages and sudo xargs -a output dnf remove) and then did sudo dnf in -y --allowerasing task-plasma6. I’ll mention that I didn’t enable any additional repos. Is task-plasma6 only intended for development? Because this is what I see when I do the steps described above:

Why is it still in dev on a version that seems to be wrong (I can’t find any mention of this 6.28 anywhere, was this supposed to be 5.28? Why is it KDE Plasma 5.27.80?), when Plasma 6 is officially out? Is task-plasma6 intended just for Cooker or what’s going on? Will we have Plasma 6 on 24.06 (assuming the months are consistent)? Thanks.

Quick unrelated sidenote that came up because I set up this VM: I think the GRUB package seems to be broken because I did sudo dnf --allowerasing distro-sync, it broke my GRUB config and I had to chroot from a live ISO to fix it, and the same thing happened on my prod machine without any updates. Maybe some scriptlet isn’t configured quite right, I don’t know.

Thank you for answering.

Hello @stalecu and welcome.

sudo dnf in -y ... is never a good choice because you accept changes in advance so you don’t have any control on what’s going on.

Plasma6 is finally working fine in cooker. ROME is expected to receive a big update, including Plasma6, in the next hours or so.

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IMO the best way to switch to Plasma6 is to do a fresh install from an iso featuring Plasma6 desktop. Those will be introduced for ROME soon.

Because the Official Plasma6 packages are not in ROME/rolling repositories yet. When those packages are copied to ROME/Rolling you will see Plasma 6.0.2. Something like this:

The kernel version will be 6.8.1.

Edit: Unfortunately many users seem to confuse being able to upgrade from one version to the other as meaning this is a good idea. I avoid doing this myself as there wlll be enough problems just with Plasma6 itself. Adding to that problems caused by leftover configurations from Plasma5 just is not that smart. People also seem to forget that when KDE releases a major new version like 5>6 there are always problems at first. Always.

I imagined Plasma 6 would come sooner to the repos, even if I had to manually install it (I am not familiar on the intricacies of when OMLx updates roll out), but your (and rugyada’s) message confirmed the doubt that it hasn’t rolled out for ROME yet.

But then, shipping dev versions of Plasma 6 on Rolling when it isn’t ready for general use isn’t normal imo. You should('ve) withhold (withheld) the task-plasma6 package and the associated Plasma 6 packages, because it doesn’t make sense otherwise.

Once it’ll be shipped, what’s the strategy? Will you replace Plasma 5 with Plasma 6 (which would probably imply turning task-plasma6 into task-plasma at one point) or have them coexist?

I wouldn’t move full time to Plasma 6 right now (if I wanted to do that, I’d be on Cooker beta-testing anyway), but I found the apparent discrepancy interesting, and I couldn’t find any thread on this.

The P6 packages were pushed to ROME for user testing for users that choose to do so. ROME users not wishing to test would upgrade their systems with sudo dnf --refresh dsync as normal and would not be affected. Part of the reasoning was to get more people involved in testing. In a small group like OM is, we could have had half a dozen people testing P6 in Cooker, but we believed it would be better to have few more than that.

As far as when we realease the final P6 to ROME that depends on how long it takes 2-3 part time developers with day jobs to solve the problems we found in testing.

I believe the Plasma 6.0.2 will be introduced to ROME/rolling repos tonight. That is unless some unforseen problem crops up.

For a small group like OM to try to maintain two major desktops at the same time (P5 and P6) is really difficult. Thus it is likely that once P6 is released to ROME we won’t keep P5 around for long. But that is a developer decision and I am not a developer.

Any user wishing to know where OM’s P6 effort is right now try this. It is a Cooker P6 ISO made today and it will boot to X11 rather than Wayland so it will or should work in VirtualBox.

Edit: As stated above if we are a bit lucky those packages will be availble in ROME/rolling soon, perhaps tonight. When those packages are moved to ROME/rolling we will be making a full set of ROME P6 ISOs.

If that’s the case, then I could also assist with testing, even though it would be in a VM (or replace my current Plasma system and temporarily be on another DE/WM, I don’t mind that). Can you point me to a guide on how I can get involved or a thread of some kind? Thank you.

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That would be indeed great :+1:

I think the most profitable way is to join #openmandriva-cooker channel/room at matrix, so you can discuss, get informations, give feedbacks, etc. in real time (if your timezone fits - usually we are there in day time/evening/early night CET).
The channel is also bridged to Telegram.

Feel free to ask further if any need.
Thank you

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