What do new users need to know after installing OM Lx?


  • OpenMandriva Lx version:

OM Lx 4.2 and upcoming Lx 4.3

  • Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…):

  • Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant):

What do new uses need to know after installing OM Lx?

  • Relevant informations (hardware involved, software version, logs or output…):

In general new users need to know they can find a good bit of help or documentation at:

OMA Wiki


Resources Index

My best guess at the moment would be these pages would be important for new user:

How To Update System

Software Repository Selector

How To Configure Printer in OpenMandriva Lx

OpenMandriva Welcome

Using dnf in OpenMandriva Lx

It would help new and some existing users to better understand how things work and how OM developers do things if they read this:

OpenMandriva Release Plan and Repositories

And new users need to be aware that OpenMandriva has no employees. Everyone involved is an unpaid, part time, volunteer.

You can chat with us here.


The idea is to have a structured documentation in wiki while it’s flat in forum. But generally forum topics are source for wiki pages. In fact it’s easier to write a documentation and update it in forum, then copy it in wiki (with minor modifications to fit wiki structure).

Yes, the advantage of wiki is as it’s structured people should easily find the documentation they need if it exists. I agree with these pages. After that there can be some advanced documentation.

@ruru did a great job, we indeed need to use this page (and the TL;DR one too)


Due to some evolution in Matrix architecture, we should rather use this link (though the previous one seems correctly redirected).

@raphael the matrix link I used in first post came from our landing page.

I changed the link in first post to the one you recommended. Thanks. Thanks for the input.

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Yes it was not clear but it was mainly a critics/reminder to myself about updating docs with the updated link :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for having done it.

What is your opinion about this workflow by the way? It’s something we can improve if there is a better one. It seems to me more handy to update forum posts when there are a lot of screenshots to upload on the fly: launch Spectacle: take screenshot, copy to clipboard, paste in text, while with wiki you need to save and name pictures, maybe create specific directory in wiki, upload them and pick them individually based on the name

Then we simply copy the markdown to wiki (it uses pictures from forum).

For the workflow to work, my suggestion is to use three tags: wiki-source when a topic becomes wiki source (it’s work in progress but there is a start here Topics tagged wiki-source ), create-wiki for a resource topic that need to be added in wiki and update-wiki each time there is a change in a wiki source topic, so we know which pages need updates ( Topics tagged update-wiki )

Also it’s in my project to create a post-installation page, you know something similar as “12 things to do after you have installed OpenMandriva Lx 4.3”. There is a placeholder in wiki, but it’s not filled with content yet. Of course we can use forum resource topic as wiki source.

That is exactly what this thread is about. I posted here hoping to get input form users as to what they need after install.

The workflow you propose seems like a good starting point to me. If it works great if it needs modification we modify. I suspect it will work fine. This thread might be wiki-source. Or the first post in the thread with any suggested changes would be the wiki-source.

It is easier for me to write as forum posts first then transfer to wiki.

For users wanting to contribute to documentation we could suggest to them that they write How To or explanatory articles in this forum to get started? Submit in Support forum and after review and comment by users and contributors if warranted it becomes a Resource and wiki page?

Why not give permission at user’s request to contribute by writing directly in the wiki?

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Not sure I know why we don’t. I do know it is partly that in the past we had some unfortunate submissions that were published in the “old” or previous wiki. Some of the articles in the old wiki were horse excrement.

As far as I know one can only edit or write in the new wiki if they have admin privileges. There probably should be a way for a user to submit changes or articles for review by developers, QA and wiki style gurus. As far as I know we don’t have a review process.

If I am reading what @raphael writes correctly the workflow would begin in forum and the changes or articles would be put in wiki after review. Thus things going in wiki would also go through people that know the wiki style guide and we hope also through developers and QA for accuracy and technical correctness.

Note: I read the Wiki Style Guide periodically but that does not make me the best person at implementing it. I believe Documentation works best as a team effort.