Just installed openmandriva on hardware pls help!

I just installed Open mandriva Lx 4.1 and I want to make it my daily OS. But before doing that i need to solve some annoying issues I have:

1- I installed Firefox with sudo dnf install firefox and it is version 72.0.2 when the actual latest firefox release is 75.0 How can I get firefox 75.0 on Open Mandriva?

2- When I try to shut down the system from the menu it comes back to my desktop and I’m not able to shut it down. This applies to restart and logout as well. But if I use the command line it shuts down normally. How can I solve this?

3- This is actually a question not an issue. To update the system do I have to type sudo dnf upgrade then run the command and I’m OK or do I have to do something else ?

Welcome @Linux2636.

Post-edit: For more information about OpenMandriva Lx we have Resources section in this forum and OM wiki.

May not be an issue but this is important. More information about using dnf here. As a precaution it is a good practice to do like this every time:

  • cleanup any files and packages left in cache and to remove repository metadata:

    $ sudo dnf clean all ; dnf clean all

  • update your system:

    $ sudo dnf upgrade

First for technical issues we want one issue per thread with a descriptive title. This is so other users can find a problem when they search the forum.

To get started problem solving this look at journal log right after this happens. All journal entries have a time so if you note the time problem happens and then look for the that time in the log you may find the culprit. To access journalctl as user open Konsole and run:

$ journalctl -b

The option -b means it shows only entries from current boot.

If needed you can create a file with journal log with this command"

$ journalctl -b > journalctl.txt

Wait for OM Lx 4.2. It is coming soon but I can’t say exactly when. Or if having latest packages is that important to you consider using OM Lx Rolling. For more about Rolling look here (Under Release Plan).

It would be very wise to use Rock for a while and learn your way around OpenMandriva before trying Rolling. Rolling is experimental at present but mostly seems working well.

Post-edit: This is personal opinion. I don’t see any difference at all between using FF 72 versus FF 75. To me version of Firefox is trivial matter and would not have anything to do with me choosing to use/not use a Linux distro.

Thank you for the kind replies now I’m soon reinstalling it because some things got broken after updating I will tell you to how it goes. I really like this distro with other distros I will just have said, well f@&^k it, but this one I really want it to work. Now that I know there is a rolling release I think I will stick with rock because I don’t like unstable systems.

Thank you again for the kind reply, from now on I will try follow all the guideline of this forum.

No worries. I was not meaning to be like forum police, just mentioning something because it really does matter when people search a forum.

Don’t worry breda. I appreciate the effort you are putting to manitain this forum