[LLVM 17] When will it be available in the repos?

Hello, I wanted to know when(approximately) LLVM 17 could be pushed in the repos ?

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That is a question for developers, in this case berolinux, you can get an answer at OpenMandriva Chat. I will ask there myself as well.

It is possible if not likely that berolinux (@bero ) is packaging this locally before introducing to our Cooker (development) branch. I am not sure but I would expect this to hit Cooker shortly after Rock/5.0 release. But that is only an educated guess.

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it will be pushed soon. There already is a working package, but for the time being it’s on a separate branch.

There’s 2 reasons why it hasn’t been pushed to the master branch yet – the first is that, as @ben79 suggested, we’re making sure there’s no nasty surprises for the imminent 5.0 release.

The second is that LLVM 17 is known to break the Intel graphics driver in mesa, and of course that driver is important to a large number of users.

The mesa guys seem to have an initial fix for this now:

It hasn’t landed in mesa master yet, and needs to be backported to the 23.2 branch. This shouldn’t be too complicated.

The 5.0 release is currently held up by this announcement:

It probably doesn’t make sense to put out a new major release that will have to be fixed for a major security problem right away.

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