Install NextCloud and its dependencies (LAMP)

Good morning!
I’ve been searching for a linux OS to install on my old HP ML380G5 and after succeeding install on Mandriva Lx 4.0(I’m just learning yet!) but want to proceed to the next step wich is to install NextCloud server but first i’ll have to satisfy its requirements. Made some search but Lx 4.0 has no results yet… So I ask for help here, how do I start the right way? Is it an install based on Fedora or what? Any help appreciated, thanks!.. I mean really thankfull for someone to point me the next steps and firstly thanks for the developers to keep your system yet compatible with hpsa!

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Welcome @jquimze15.

So lot of questions asked. I’ll try to answer some to best of my ability.

When OpenMandriva was formed from the ashes of Mandriva part of the agreement was that we can not call it Mandriva. Legal stuff as I understand.

Any reason you did not install our latest version OM Lx 4.1? Also see the announcement.

Your first assignment is to find and utilize the Software Repository Selector.

Reason is that OM Lx by default only has what we call “main/release” and “main/updates” repos enabled by default. For maximum availability of software there are 3 others. This is explained more here and here. Screen shot of Software Repository Selector:

The OM Lx documentation right now is a work in progress that needs improvement. What we have is found in the OM wiki and the Resources section of this forum. (The URL for the OM wiki is temporary while Infra team is working out web hosting issues.)

There soon will be some additional work done on our documentation.

So am I.

Hope this information helps.

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I don’t know NextCloud myself. I do know that there are people using NextCloud in OpenMandriva Lx. Let’s hope we can get one of the people that actually use and know NextCloud to help. I do know that NextCloud packages are in OM Lx repositories:

FWIW: If you have questions or you are unsure about anything please ask here or on IRC (Freenode @ #openmandriva). Linux Monkey :monkey: says: Better to ask and get it right than don’t ask and bork your system.

Sorry for the naming error! Yes I meant OpenMandriva, thanks for correcting. Found Lx 4.0 in a rush to download and test… Tomorrow I’m getting new drives and go for 4.1 wich looks awesome! But I’ll follow your advises and follow some reading. Nice help, thanks!

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Linux Monkey :monkey: says: That’s awesome! And thanks for the kind words.

Just checked the download ant it’s Lx 4.1 how did it install Lx 4.0? Maybe I have to go for beta rc? Almost all sources have 4.0 except for the main…


I’ll give it a try. No need to extend this post. Thanks

That’s the one I use and I’m repeating the procedure to understand what happens!