DnfDrake overview

DnfDrake overview

How to install DnfDrake in OpenMandriva Lx

How to start DnfDrake in OpenMandriva Lx

  • From Application Menu

  • or from OM Control Center


  • First start

On first start packages lists are loaded and stored to the local archive.
The first start may take a bit longer than the next ones, as it uses incremental update.

‘Extra’ options

  • Rolling and Cooker users have to select ‘Distro Update’ so that Update SYS button will change and display Distro Sync instead, and it will run the proper command to upgrade the system.

  • Rock users can leave it unchanged.

  • By ticking the other options will make more buttons to appear available for the current session

  • By selecting DnfDrakeTray will enable it, by selecting also ‘Run on Startup’ will make DnfDrakeTray to run in autostart

Distro Sync

Configure options

  • You can save a custom command for your convenience, like a command you use more frequently so that you do not have to manually type it every time

  • DnfDrakeTray applet active in system tray

Software Repository Selector

DnfDrake offers a convenient shortcut to Software Repository Selector (om-repo-picker)

Once closed Software Repository Selector the command to refresh the repositories list will be automatically run

Command field

You can enter any command there just like you would do in console


Shows the dnf history


Install a package


Will download one or more packages to a given directory

Install a downloaded package

Repeat search to confirm

Remove a package


VersionLock will lock a package (or a list of packages) to its current version, preventing future update

Search - Info



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