Suggestion: improvement to dnfdragora

I would like to suggest an improvement to dnfdragora so that if I select multiple packages to install at one time, and the system encounters a problem that would prevent installing one or more of them, those packages will be noted, and dnfdragora will continue by giving me the option to install any or all of the remaining problem-free packages selected, rather than simply listing some feedback, and then coming to a complete halt, making it necessary to go back and re-select the remaining working packages and then attempt to install them again.

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Questions related to dnfdragora, such as new features, should be reported to upstream - that is, to the Angelo Naselli - developer of this program. We as a distribution do not have much influence on the new functions that appear in the program.

Here: Issues · manatools/dnfdragora · GitHub
or IRC: #manatools at libera chat or via matrix

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dnfdragora is provided for user convienence. But in order to avoid problems OpenMandriva contributors recommend using dnf in Konsole. Most problems we see with users and package management tend to include “I used Discover to…” or “I used dnfdragora to …”.

Post-edit: The article using dnf in Konsole is about a 3 minute read.

There also is the dnfdrake project:

Let’s Try DnfDrake

DnfDrake overview

DnfDrake new DNF frontend for OpenMandriva Lx 4.2

Thank you for the comments.
I will forward the request to them.