LXQt Rolling

There is an auto updater in ABF (OpenMandriva Automated Build Farm). It has been turned off for longer that we anticipated so Rolling has not been getting many upgrades and has not really been rolling. This is because developers and pooh bahs in Cooker (where the upgrades would come from) have been making some changes to tool-chain/system packages that make this unsafe and unwise right now. When the changes are made by a tiny group of all part-time, unpaid, volunteers this always takes longer than we want it to. There are always things that arise that >have< to be fixed and in this case 1000’s of other packages that had to be rebuilt for dependencies, ect.

Getting this done so we can Officially and Publicly announce Rolling is our main focus at this time. Should be soon. Turning that auto updater again will get Rolling back to rolling.

Several things:

  1. OM releases are not designed to mix repositories between different releases. If you use Rolling you should only use rolling repositories similar to this:

OpenMandriva Release Plan and Repositories are explained in more detail here.

  1. Never use dnfdragora or Discover to upgrade a Rolling system. The upgrade command they use is only appropriate for Rock users. It is OK to use either to search, install, and remove. To upgrade Rolling system open terminal and copy and paste and run this:

sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf dsync


dnfdragora is not a tool to enable repos in OpenMandriva Lx. That is on purpose. We have our own Software Repository Selector aka: om-repo-picker. We keep dnfdragora and Discover around mainly for Rock users.

  1. For a better package manager gui see this.

If you want a more up to date kernel you can try downloading a cooker kernel from here and installing it with dnf. Select one that is x86_64 and download the kernel-desktop .rpm.