Upgrading to and upgrading ROME (rolling)

First user needs to read and understand this article OpenMandriva Release Plan and Repositories in OpenMandriva wiki. A ROME user should be able to use command line and know basics of dnf package manager.

To use ROME user either installs ROME from a ROME ISO or upgrades a Rock/4.3 system. Upgrades from earlier versions of Rock will not work.

A fresh install is always preferred over a system upgrade.

Always backup your data before doing a system upgrade.

Important: Before upgrading an existing system to ROME read this post so you know what to do if at the end of the actual dnf dsync you see “==> Package distributor has shipped an updated version” so you know how to answer the questions that dialog will ask.

Use this command string to keep your ROME system up to date.

sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf dsync

User should never upgrade ROME (or Cooker) with dnfdragora or Discover as these graphical package-managers do not use the correct (dsync) command. Dnfdrake is a better choice for this. You can install Dnfdrake from the OM-Welcome module.

Should you encounter problems and need help please post your question in English Support forum with a descriptive title and information or contact us on OpenMandriva Chat. If you encounter any bugs report them on our issue tracker.

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