Big changes for Rolling branch

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After a much longer than usual period of time developers are once again at the point of copying Cooker repositories to Rolling repositories. This will lead to a major upgrade, actually distro-sync, which will bring some big changes to Rolling. Notably changes regarding how 32-bit library packages are handled. They will be in the x86_64 or znver1 repos now so user will not need to add i686 repos to install wine, steam, other 32-bit games, or apps. Wine-32 and wine-64 will work with just the one wine package. Whereas before OM users had to switch between wine-32 and wine-64 which was time consuming and perhaps irritating. Existing Rolling users will need to remove all i686 packages and then reinstall any of these types of software such as wine, steam, other games and apps with i686 repositories disabled.

To accomplish this upgrade users will need to remove any i686 packages first. Then next disable all i686 repos. To check to see if you have any i686 packages:

$ sudo rpm -qa | grep i686

To remove:

$ sudo dnf erase "*.i686"

Then to distro-sync your system use the always recommended command:

$ sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf --allowerasing distro-sync

You should always use that command to upgrade your Rolling system. Trying to upgrade Rolling with a GUI package manager like Discover or dnfdragora can break your Rolling system. If you do this and you break your Rolling system the fix is a fresh install.

After the distro-sync process the next time you try a dnf transaction you will see this error:

$ warning: Found bdb Packages database while attempting sqlite backend: using bdb backend.

Don’t let that bother you as it will not prevent dnf from working. However to make that error go away run this:

$ sudo rpm --rebuilddb

Don’t forget to disable all i686 repos, they should not be needed going forward. If you find something that complains that it needs an i686 package please report it and let developers deal with this.

This change was a monumental amount of work by @bero and other devs as a lot of software was affected and had to be rebuilt.

New Rolling ISO’s should appear soon. Will announce them here when they are ready.

Existing Rolling users or those considering upgrading to Rolling be sure to read this before upgrading system after this or any instance of ‘cp cooker2rolling’.

If you experience any difficulties with this process please post the issue in this thread.

After this above distro-sync process you will may see Discover updater applet telling you there are a few packages to update. There are not. To get Discover to shut up and behave run this command in Konsole as user not root:

$ pkcon refresh force

This is one of several reasons why we keep telling user not to use Discover to update a Rolling system. Do not use GUI package managers Discover or Rolling to upgrade your Rolling system this can break your system. If you do and your system gets broken do a fresh install.

Post-edit: Some known issues:

  1. The above regarding that Discover may complain about updates when there are not any. (pkcon refresh force)

  2. The: warning: Found bdb Packages database while attempting sqlite backend: using bdb backend. This is covered in first post in this thread. (sudo rpm --rebuilddb)

  3. Plasma desktop login sound is garbled or does not play at all. Garbled like it starts and then stops abruptly before it is finished.

    Login sound not played (or not correctly) Plasma 5.19.3, KF 5.72.0

  4. There are some issues with VirtualBox discussed here.

    Intermittent plasma desktop crash VBox x86_64

    Cooker Host: VirtualBox 6.1.10 VM’s do not start

This is old and now outdated. Will make new post on latest changes in next few hours.

Closing thread.