Cooker & Rolling problems with VirtualBox 6.1.10

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Some or all Cooker and Rolling users may encounter problems with VirtualBox 6.1.10.

Intermittent plasma desktop crash VBox x86_64

Cooker Host: VirtualBox 6.1.10 VM’s do not start

For either issue the best workaround at this time is to downgrade to virtualbox v. 6.1.6. It is almost certain that for VBox guest systems you will have to downgrade virtualbox-guest-additions to 6.1.6.

You can find the 6.1.6 packages in ABF:





This workaround for VirtualBox host system does not seem to work on all hardware. We have no other workaround for this. We have not seen any reports of VBox not working in Lx 4.1. So this will affect only Cooker and Rolling users until the problem is corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience for our users.