Upgrading to and upgrading Rolling

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Updated this post 2020-05-09:

First user needs to read and understand this article OpenMandriva Release Plan and Repositories in OpenMandriva wiki. A Rolling user should be able to use command line and know basics of dnf package manager. For those new to OpenMandriva Lx we suggest to use Rock for a while to learn what is different about OM Lx, how things work, ect. Then migrate to Rolling.

To use OpenMandriva Lx Rolling user either installs Rolling from a Rolling ISO or upgrades an OM Lx Stable (at this writing 4.1) system. To upgrade you change the repositories from Rock to Rolling and do a system upgrade or what we call a distro-sync.

To change the repositories open Software Repository Selector and select Rolling, select OK, and when prompted enter your root password. This will take a minute so be patient.

Then to upgrade your system open Konsole and run this command string:

$ sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf --allowerasing distro-sync

It is recommended to use these commands to keep Rolling up to date. User should never upgrade Rolling (or Cooker) with dnfdragora or Discover as these graphical package-managers may not publish error messages before upgrading.

Note: Some sharp eyed users will wonder why I did not include the option --best. Because distro-sync uses --best by default.

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Important: With the --allowerasing option it is very wise to pay attention to any packages that would be removed just in case something necessary gets in that list. This would be very rare and most likely result of some error in our packaging. If you see anything in the removal list you are unsure about please ask here with a descriptive title and detailed information in Development Testing forum or on IRC (#openmandriva @ Frenode) before proceeding.

Updated the above posts 2020-05-09.

Users having any problems with Rolling please post your questions with a descriptive title and detailed information in this Development Testing forum. If you need more immediate help you are welcome on IRC (#openmandriva @ Frenode).

There is one known bug in the upgrade process regarding upgrading kernels. If user attempts in some situation to upgrade kernel from one branch to same kernel version in another branch they end up with a non-working kernel. So far this happens to me 100% of attempts.


  1. Both Cooker and Rolling have kernel 5.7.6 and we do a cp cooker2rolling. Then when Rolling users do their disto-sync their kernel 5.7.6 will not work next time they reboot. That’s OK and easy enough to correct if they have an older kernel to boot in to.

  2. Rock and Cooker both have kernel 5.5.12. User does a branch upgrade from Rock to Cooker. When Rock user does their disto-sync they will find upon rebooting that kernel 5.5.12 is not working. Again that’s OK and easy enough to correct if they have an older kernel to boot in to.

The fix is obvious, you boot in to an older/other working kernel and remove and reinstall the one that is not working. (And yes usually (very high percentage) you can use Rock/Rolling kernel to boot in to a Cooker system. I have used Cooker kernels in Rock and Rolling systems, ect.)

There is no error during the distro-sync process telling user anything about any potential for a problem. So users with only one kernel will be in a real pickle. If there is a way to fix this without having an older kernel to boot in to I do not know it.

I do not know how difficult it would be to include an error message about this but I do wish for such an error message.

There is bug report about this issue:

After cp cooker to rolling distro-sync does not create initrd or boot entry for latest kernel

Probably needs a better title, when I think of one I’ll change it.