Upgrading/distro-sync ROME (2024-04-20)

Important: Do not use Discover or dnfdragora to do this. Will not work, will lead to problems.


  • OpenMandriva Lx version:

  • Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…):
    KDE Plasma5

  • Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant):
    On March 20 we did the latest upgrade of ROME/rolling software. There have been more issues than usual with this in our testing. Why? Because we currently have 2 KDE/Plasma desktops, Plasma5 and Plasma6, trying to co-exist.

  • Relevant informations (hardware involved, software version, logs or output…):

Simple explanation: Basically the commands posted work for the user or they will find they have to remove either plasma6-kaccounts-integretion or plasma6-kio-extras (or both) and try to re-install any applications removed that they really need. For most users this would be zero to a handful of applications only. But this depends on what extra KDE software a user has installed. It is possible some user will have different results.

The steps used to upgrade in multiple tests in VirtualBox and on hardware ROME systems as of March 25:

sudo dnf clean all

This is done to clean cache of any previously downloaded packages and to ensure that dnf reads latest metadata in order to get the latest packages. Very important.

sudo dnf rm falkon-kde

Remove falkon-kde because this is needed for the transaction to work and because it is basically a useless package. User can re-install this later after the entire system upgrade is complete if they wish.

The main transaction:

sudo dnf dsync --allowerasing 2>&1| tee dsync-log.txt

This part sudo dnf dsync --allowerasing is the actual system upgrade transaction.This part 2>&1| tee dsync-log.txt of the command creates a log dsync-log.txt user will need if you wish to ask for help with any issue. You probably will see in the transaction list:

Removing dependent packages:
 pyside2-core                                                  znver1                     5.15.11-1                                     @rolling-znver1                                5.4 M

This is OK pyside2-core is not used for anything anymore. And also:

 icu-data                                               znver1                            74.2-1                                             rolling-znver1                            8.4 M
 lib64icudata                                           znver1                            74.2-1                                             rolling-znver1                             12 k
 lib64icui18n                                           znver1                            74.2-1                                             rolling-znver1                            1.2 M
 lib64icuuc                                             znver1                            74.2-1                                             rolling-znver1                            956 k

The current version of icu-data is 73.2-2 so why dnf thinks 74.2-1 is a downgrade is a mystery.

 lib64KF5Cddb                                                  znver1                     24.02.0-2                                     rolling-znver1                                  84 k
 lib64kf5compactdisc5                                          znver1                     24.02.0-2                                     rolling-znver1                                  50 k
 libkcompactdisc                                               znver1                     24.02.0-2                                     rolling-znver1                                  31 k
 libkdcraw                                                     znver1                     24.02.0-2                                     rolling-znver1                                 8.3 k
 libkexiv2                                                     znver1                     24.02.0-2                                     rolling-znver1                                 7.0 k
 popt-data                                                     noarch                     1.19-4                                        rolling-znver1                                  30 k
 python-rpm                                                    znver1                                               rolling-znver1                                  53 k
 rpm                                                           znver1                                               rolling-znver1                                 452 k
     replacing  rpm-plugin-ima.znver1 4:4.18.2-1
 rpm-build                                                     znver1                                               rolling-znver1                                 125 k
 rpm-plugin-syslog                                             znver1                                               rolling-znver1                                  11 k
 rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit                                    znver1                                               rolling-znver1                                  12 k

None of these packages are downgrades either.

Impostant: If your sudo dnf dsync --allowerasing transaction is successful you might see a dialog about new versus existing files for /etc/sane.d/dll.conf. Select ‘Y’ for the new file. Also a dialog about /etc/shadow select N to keep existing file. /etc/shadow contains user accounts and passwords. If you select the new /etc/shadow you will receive an empty file, you will not be able to login to your system, and you will not have a root password. This would not result in happiness. There are 4 files in /etc that you always want to keep the existing file:


If you receive a error at the end of the sudo dnf dsync --allowerasing this most likely will be some kde-<whatever> package conflicting with a plasma6-kde-<whatever> package. At this point user can:

  1. Stop and wait until OM devs figure out the problems and push new packages to fix these errors.

  2. Post your problem with a descriptive title and all information, all means all not what you think might be important, including the dsync-log.txt log, in the English/Support forum. We will try to help, some problems may be able to be corrected right away and some will take some time.

  3. Fix it yourself. Remove the plasma6-kde-<whatever> package or packages. The packages removed will be in your dsync-log.txt. You would only need to re-install any application packages removed as dependencies will be automatically included. It is possible that not everything removed will be able to be re-installed right away. The packages most likely needing to be removed are either plasma6-kaccounts-integretion or plasma6-kio-extras (or both). But it is impossible to predict because we do not know what packages you have installed.

    1. User can partially upgrade most of their system with:

sudo dnf clean all
sudo dnf rm falkon-kde
sudo dnf up 2>&1| tee dnf-up-log.txt

The last part creates a log dnf-up-log.txt that is necessary if there are problems and also it will show the “skipped” packages listed which may be useful later.

Note: When you post problems in OpenMandriva forum post all the information. You do not know what a developer might find relevant regarding your issue. If you post about problems with this upgrade/distro-sync include either the dsync-log.txt or the dnf-up-log.txt depending on which command you used.


great, but at the begining I see the bad command. sudo dnf dsync clean all
Shouldn’t it be sudo dnf clean all? Without dsync?
As it it at the bottom of your text?

Thanks for reporting, it helps. Yes, that is incorrect and the post is now corrected.

It has become apparant that some users my similar problem as described in #3 in first post with kpmcore conflicting with plasma6-kpmcore. Instructions are the same as in #3 user can decide whether they want to remove plasma6-kpmcore following the instructions in #3. Or leave that bit alone and wait.


Latest ROME/rolling package upgrade is complete. It is now safe for user to dsync or disto-sync their ROME/rolling system.This one is more straight forward than the last one. Instructions:

  1. If user has not already done this then run:

sudo dnf rm falkon-kde

  1. Then in order to not erase already downloaded packages this command sequence:

sudo dnf --refresh dsync 2>&1| tee dsync-log.txt
sudo dnf autoremove 2>&1| tee autoremove-log.txt
sudo dnf clean all

Explanation: From dnf --help:
--refresh >>> set metadata as expired before running the command
This forces dnf dsync to use latest metadata ensuring that absolute most recent packages are installed.

autoremove >>> remove all unneeded packages that were originally installed as dependencies

Explanation from dnf command reference

: Clean Command

Command: clean

Performs cleanup of temporary files kept for repositories. This includes any such data left behind from disabled or removed repositories as well as for different distribution release versions.

dnf clean dbcache

Removes cache files generated from the repository metadata. This forces DNF to regenerate the cache files the next time it is run.

dnf clean expire-cache

Marks the repository metadata expired. DNF will re-validate the cache for each repository the next time it is used.

dnf clean metadata

Removes repository metadata. Those are the files which DNF uses to determine the remote availability of packages. Using this option will make DNF download all the metadata the next time it is run.

dnf clean packages

Removes any cached packages from the system.

dnf clean all

Does all of the above.

Edit: Should happy user encounter any problems you may post questions here. If you issue arises from the sudo dnf --refresh dsync 2>&1| tee dsync-log.txt then please post the dsync-log.txt. If your issue arises from the sudo dnf autoremove 2>&1| tee autoremove-log.txt please post the autoremove-log.txt .

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Special instructions for OMLx VirtualBox users. The latest version of VBox, virtualbox-7.0.16-1, is likely to have crashes. OMLx VBox users should upgrade their ROME/rolling system with:

If you have not already done so:

sudo dnf rm falkon-kde


sudo dnf --refresh -x kernel-desktop -x virtualbox* dsync 2>&1|tee rome-dsync.log.txt
sudo dnf autoremove
sudo dnf clean all

Edit: This was an upstream issue. OM and upstream developers are working to resolve this issue.

Tried to update (more than 1500 packages and 4.2 GB) using Discover. Get this error message:
<html>Errore interno:<br/><br/>Error running transaction: kirigami-addons = 0.11.0-1 necessario a (installato) kirigami-addons-kde5-0.11.0-1.x86_64</html>

Operating System: OpenMandriva ROME 24.01
KDE Plasma Version: 5.27.9
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.112.0
Qt Version: 5.15.11
Kernel Version: 6.6.2-desktop-1omv2390 (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: X11
Processors: 4 × Intel® Core™ i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz
Memory: 7.7 GiB of RAM
Graphics Processor: Mesa Intel® HD Graphics 520
Manufacturer: HP
Product Name: HP Notebook
System Version: Type1ProductConfigId

Properly report issues
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Edited first post with the instructions to include the following:

Important: Do not use Discover or dnfdragora to do this. Will not work, will lead to problems.

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