How to configure printer in OMLx

Turn your printer on and see if it is automatically configured. Pay attention to whether the right driver was installed. If printer was auto configured and you have correct driver then great, you are all set.

If it wasn’t turn off your printer. Open ‘Printer Settings’ aka: ‘system-config-printer’ and remove your printer. If the correct driver was not installed by default we’ll need to add a software package.

The next step is to determine what software to add for your printer. In OpenMandriva Lx this is most likely to be a ‘task-printing’ package specific to your printer brand. The packages are:


Install the package that matches your brand or the misc package if none do. Example using okidata:

$ sudo dnf install task-printing-okidata

Now turn printer on again and it should then automatically configure itself. (Sometimes you might need to reboot for auto config to work.)

If not seek help here.

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