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Why nvidia drivers sometimes don’t build when new kernel is introduced (13)

Note on spelling: nVidia is meant to refer to the company/organization. All lower case nvidia is meant to refer to any nvidia driver software. Full disclosure: I don’t have nvidia hardware so my interest is from perspec…

Useless posts: "update broke my system" or "since updates foo doesn't work" (10)

Hello, OpenMandriva Lx version: Lx 3 * Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…): Plaasma5 or LXQt * Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant): User post "update broke my system" or "since updates foo doesn't work" …

How to get better results when posting about problems (10)

[image] Before open a new topic, please read: First of all please use “Search” function of the forum. Look if there is already any topic similar to yours Choose the proper category/section of the forum Choo…

Bug report tool for OpenMandriva Lx (8)

The simple shell script will help in bug fixing process. It is called omv-bug-report. You can install it through rpmdrake, or by running urpmi omv-bug-report The script location will then be /usr/bin/omv-bug-report.sh …

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