Wouldn't it be easyer and also make sense .... general suggestion

Wouldn’t it be easier and also make sense … just to keep the rolling release
and only KDE plasma, since it is a huge workload that is resting on all OM-developers,
in the end, you would have less work and still an outstanding OS with more focus and
less work?

Would it be easier? Most definitely. But would it be a good idea?

There probably is not much of an alternative to the current release model. We need Cooker so developers can make changes that break things badly (even changes that break the system totally for normal users for a while – this is expected when we’ll switch from Plasma 5 to Plasma 6, for example).

We need Rolling so users can get current improvements without risking breaking their system by running Cooker.

From a desktop user perspective, we could potentially drop the stable point releases - but that’s dangerous for server users. Imagine you’re running e.g. a webserver that hosts 1000 customer websites using your custom webapp, you update the distro to get some bugfixes, and it breaks your webapp because you get an update to PHP 8.2 which drops some legacy function your webapp relies on. On a server (especially one running some stuff that isn’t part of the distro, and therefore won’t be tested when we update something), you typically want to avoid such nasty surprises - so you want to use Rock/point releases.

Dropping some desktop options would be less work, but keep in mind that this is a pure volunteer project. If this were a company contributors in paid roles, we could tell them “your work on ABC isn’t needed, we want you to work on XYZ instead”. But if you do this in a volunteer project, the more likely answer you’ll get is “But I like ABC and XYZ sucks. **** you. I’m leaving the project and starting my own project that drops XYZ and does ABC!”
The reduction in effort would go along with a reduction in manpower - which in the end is worse than the extra effort.

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thanks for the detailed answer, this idea was just shooting out from me,
you will better know what fits the workflow of the team in order to
bring along this distribution.