Opinion Update: What Makes OM Lx Better Than Other Distros?

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(All others welcome)

I have been using OM since the beginning, and I know what I like about it.

If you wouldn’t mind, I’d appreciate your current views on why you made the above quoted comment, especially as it pertains to OM both in the long run big picture, as well as the latest iterations…
…it might be valuable information to present to someone considering OM.


Most of questions answered here


Thanks for the reply.

I worked in large scale mainframe data processing environments back when they were known as EDP (for Electronic Data Processing) Departments well before the advent of the PC, and I remember something I read early on about PC users:

Basically, they were divided into two categories, Convenience Users, and Power Users.
Convenience Users would gladly forgo power in return for ease of use, and Power Users would tolerate inconvenience for access to power.

It seemed to be the case for most users I encountered.

I always wondered why I couldn’t have the best of both sides.

Maybe that’s one of the most appealing features of OM Linux…
…I certainly appreciate the availability of both.

Thanks again.