Most recent ROME (rolling) ISO

Main containers:

- ROME plasma6 x86_64
- ROME plasma6 znver1

- ROME plasma6 slim x86_64
- ROME plasma6 slim znver1

- ROME Plasma5 x86_64
- ROME Plasma5 znver1

- ROME Plasma6 wayland x86_64

Latest images:

ROME Plasma6 x86_64 (Build ID: #3144)
ROME Plasma6 znver1 (Build ID: #3145)

ROME plasma6 slim x86_64 (Build ID: #3146)
ROME plasma6 slim znver1 (Build ID: #3147)

ROME Plasma5 x86_64 (Build ID: #3148)
ROME Plasma5 znver1 (Build ID: #3149)

Community alternative desktop
Mainly supported by their maintainers. Any help is welcome. Bug fixing is not high priority

Main containers:
- ROME Gnome3 x86_64
- ROME lxqt x86_64
- ROME lxqt znver1

Latest images:

ROME Gnome3 x86_64 (Build ID: 23.08)
ROME LXQt 2.0 x86_64 ISO (Build ID #3154)
ROME LXQt 2.0 znver1 ISO (Build ID #3155)

Other community alternative deskop(s):
Currently no dedicated maintainers. Any help is welcome. Bug fixing is low priority

Main containers:

- ROME xfce4 x86_64

Please note:

ROME Plasma5 x86_64 and znver1 and plasma slim x86_64 and znver1 are officially released. The officially released isos for these are at SourceForge OpenMandriva. The isos listed here are “most recent” and should work well but may not have been as well tested as the stuff at SourceForge. This is a list in the Development Testing forum for a reason. Mostly in an abundance of caution.

Spins are listed here mainly to make the users know that does exist a project draft, or proof of concept. Other than to show the current status to anyone who is willing to participate in their development.

Do not expect everything to work “out of the box”.
If anyone decides to use OM spins (or Plasma desktop from Cooker platform) you should be able to fix things and find workarounds for yourself.
Bug reports against the spins are accepted but any resolution will be low priority due to the lack of dedicated maintainers. Please consider to join the teams and/or to provide your own patches or Pull Requests.

OpenMandriva Linux is a Community distribution. That means everyone involved is an unpaid, part-time, volunteer.


Comments and feedback:
Open new topic, with a descriptive title, in Development Testing category mentioning the Build ID.

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