Most recent ROME (rolling) ISO

Main containers:

- ROME Plasma x86_64
- ROME Plasma znver1

Latest images:

ROME Plasma x86_64 (Build ID: #1403)
ROME Plasma znver1 (Build ID: #1404)
ROME Plasma x86_64 slim (Build ID: #1405)
ROME Plasma znver1 slim (Build ID: #1406)

Community alternative desktop
Mainly supported by their maintainers. Any help is welcome. Bug fixing is not high priority

Main containers:
- ROME Gnome3 x86_64

Latest images:
ROME Gnome3 x86_64 (Build ID: #1407)

Other community alternative deskop(s):
Currently no dedicated maintainers. Any help is welcome. Bug fixing is low priority

Main containers:
- ROME xfce4 x86_64
- ROME lxqt x86_64


Comments and feedback:
Open new topic, with a descriptive title, in Development Testing category mentioning the Build ID.

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