What a new user needs to know after installing OpenMandriva?

Everything is in the title.
Please make a (not too long) list, say around max 10 items.


change history deph for Kterm or Kconsole

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Good question… and since Openmandriva is for first-time and advanced users alike, we need to think smart about this :thinking:

Maybe we can borrow ideas from other distros?

I’d prefer to read requests by OM users rather than assume what they need to know.

@stephane maybe I got it or maybe not, what you mean exactly?

we cant change value or change profile from defaut to other profile

Ok, that’s what I thought.
How to create a new profile in konsole

Konsole: Change size of window. I use 110x24.

How is resize/enlarge/shrink konsole window an issue?

It appeared small when Konsole was first launched. I think it was 80 columns across. Video display is 1920x1080.

Ok but this is not in topic here.

What a new user needs to know after installing OpenMandriva?

First : update and upgrade everything;
Second: Improve the desktop to your taste;
Third: add neofetch, inxi or other stuff you like.
fourth: Read the wiki to check how you should do stuff without breaking something;
Fifth: Create a user and join the Forum, that’s where you will see what could be wrong in your installation and also you get to help other if you can;
Sixth: Enjoy!

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@PerfMonk Yours are very good and wise suggestions, thanks.

However not strictly in topic either :grin:

What a new user needs to know after installing OpenMandriva?

I want inputs for making new guides/how-to.

how to select repositories
what not to do after choosing main repo
how to update
how to connect to comunity




@ycom1 is this what you mean?


Not sure to understand :slight_smile:

yes, we made a quite good list together :slight_smile:

I mean if one chose rolling, I think that after an update you could not downgrade to stable, or if you took cooker you would not go back to rolling, because that would harm you system, did I get this right?

It is called ‘Update Channel’

Yes, you can switch to a different older Update Channel but only for a few time when the 2 branches get sync-ed such as at time of copy cooker to rolling (usually new installation images releases or major upgrades), or rolling to rock (stable point releases published).

Example: How to downgrade ROME TP to true ROME rolling release

Both events are promptly announced.
In particular ROME major upgrade expected here.

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