ROME (Rolling) distro-sync after major upgrade

As announced here and here developers have done a major upgrade to ROME (Rolling) including a new tool-chain.

ROME (Rolling) may be called simply ROME.

Goal: To correctly upgrade your Rolling system to ROME after developers just added a lot of new packages including new tool-chain:

Be patient this upgrade is going to take some time.

To avoid problems it is highly recommended that user disable any 3rd party repositories. You can enable them again after this procedure is finished. If this results in dnf wanting to remove any .rpm then remove it and write down what was removed so you can reinstall when this procedure is done.

We plan to change some things with our package maintenance system that should lead to ROME being a true rolling release.

Test systems were: Various existing Rolling x86_64 and znver1 systems in VirtualBox and on 3 different computers.

The procedure, we do this from Konsole (terminal):

  1. First we need to install the new kernel. The default kernel has had a name change so the dsync does not upgrade the kernel. Afterwards dsync will again upgrade kernels because you will have an existing kernel-desktop package to upgrade.

sudo dnf in kernel-desktop

  1. The conversion command:

sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf --best --allowerasing dsync | tee /home/username/dsync.log.txt

Where you replace username with your actual user name. This will create a log in your /home/username directory in case there are problems. Also the log will show any software --allowerasing may have removed. Over 2000 total downloads is expected.

  1. To remove no longer needed packages:

sudo dnf autoremove

This removes packages installed as dependencies that are no longer needed. You can expect over 100 packages to be removed.

  1. Next reboot computer. Type sudo reboot in Konsole and hit ‘Enter’ key to reboot your system. Using the desktop icons to reboot may cause system to hang (get stuck). If that happens you would have to do a hard restart with computer on/off button and we want to avoid that.

  2. Enjoy ROME.

Note: Most of you will have other software installed so there will probably be more packages involved. Sometimes there are problems with other software that we may have missed in our testing. The dsync.log.txt created in your /home/username folder will tell us any packages that were removed so they can be addressed after the procedure is complete.

Any problems with this procedure please open a thread in English/Development Testing forum with a descriptive title and enough information so someone can help you. Remember we need to know more than “something broke” to fix something. If you do not know what information to post someone will guide you through that. Or read this before posting.

Note-2: We plan to change some things with our package maintenance system that should lead to ROME being a true rolling release.


One big change in ROME is usr merge which a lot of Linux distros have already done or started. This is an initiative begun by Fedora developers.