OpenMandriva puts on a master class of Linux beauty and user-friendliness -

OpenMandriva puts on a master class of Linux beauty and user-friendliness | ZDNET

Something that they missed on this is that ROME should not be updated with Discover, but through Distrosync in either dnfdrake or through terminal:


Thanks for passing that one on. Nice to hear some kind works.

You’re welcome :+1:

What exactly is the reason for that? Shouldn’t Discover/packagekit/DNF work fine? It does on Fedora.

OpenMandriva is not Fedora (nor anything else).

What works for other distro may not work for OM.
And more than often what does not work in other distro it does in OM.

Yes but both use RPM packages with the DNF package manager. So how come Discover can be used in Fedora but not in OpenMandriva?

The reason is explained everywhere, search in forum.

This has nothing to do with how they work it has to do with using the correct command. You can use Discover and dnfdragora in ROME. If you upgrade your system with them you will encounter errors.

The recommended upgrade procedure for ROME is:

$ sudo dnf --refresh dsync

Specific: distro-sync or dsync literally sync with the latest package list in distro-release* packages and that list does change for ROME. In Rock branch that list is static so upgrading with Discover, dindragora, or dnf upgrade, dnf up all should work in Rock.

I don’t use any GUI package manager except for when I test them. We see more problems that begin with something like “I did >foo< with Discover” or “I did >foo< with dnfdragora”. My theory is that users get hypnotized by the GUI and do not read the error or other messages.

I believe dnfdrake has the ability for user to select whether to use dnf dsync or dnf up. But there are other folks here that know dnfdrake far better than I do. I do consider this the best of the GUI package managers.


Yes one of its feature is to check the system it is running on, and auto-set itself to distro-sync (ROME and Cooker) or Update Sys (Rock).

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