Message when I try to update with command line

Hello everybody,

I started with Linux back in 2010 with Mandriva 2010 which looked great.
I’m just back with OpenMandriva and here’s my problem below

  • OpenMandriva Lx ROME

  • Desktop environment (KDE):

  • Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant):
    When I do sudo dnf update
    I get :slight_smile:

Dernière vérification de l’expiration des métadonnées effectuée il y a 15:40:12 le dim. 28 avril 2024 17:25:52.
Dépendances résolues.

Problème: package kdf-23.08.5-1.x86_64 from @System requires, but none of the providers can be installed

  • package plasma6-kdf-24.02.2-1.x86_64 from rolling-x86_64 obsoletes lib64kdfprivate < 24.02.2-1 provided by lib64kdfprivate-23.08.5-1.x86_64 from @System
  • package plasma6-kdf-24.02.2-1.x86_64 from rolling-x86_64 obsoletes lib64kdfprivate < 24.02.2-1 provided by lib64kdfprivate-23.08.5-1.x86_64 from rolling-x86_64
  • cannot install the best update candidate for package lib64kdfprivate-23.08.5-1.x86_64
  • cannot install the best update candidate for package kdf-23.08.5-1.x86_64
    Rien à faire.
    Terminé !

What should I do ?

Thanks a lot !

  • Relevant informations (hardware involved, software version, logs or output…):
    I have a Lenovo IdeaPad 3 with Intel Core i5 and 8Gb of RAM

Thank you all !


Hello @mandriva2010 Cyril,
Bonjour et bienvenue.

As a ROME user you must know that sudo dnf upgrade/update is not the proper command.
ROME (and Cooker) have to run distro-sync

Second please read this topic and the relevant ones provided with the links.
We suggest to check it every time you are going to update ROME :wink:

This topic in the Italian forum may be interesting to read as well. Use a translator if you need, but looks like simple enough to understand.

Also it may be useful to know your ‘starting point’ before system update:
cat /etc/openmandriva-release

Coming back to the issue you reported please do:

sudo dnf clean all;dnf clean all
But skip this step if already tried to upgrade and the packages are still in dnf cache so you don’t have to download them again.

sudo dnf remove falkon-kde
sudo dnf --allowerasing -x kdf distro-sync 2>&1|tee rome-dsync.log.txt

Adding “-x kdf” will exclude it from the transaction.

Attach here the file rome-dsync.log.txt if you get any further console error or conflict.
We’ll have to learn what to do as we go.

Feel free to ask more if you have any other question.
Once the users get accustomed with the basic the process will be more and more easy.

Hello rugyada and thank you very much for your help.

rome-dsync.log.txt (3,4 Ko)
Something goes wrong with the update.

I get an error message that you will find in rome-dsync.log.txt

Erreur : Erreur de la transaction de test :
le fichier /usr/share/applications/kcm_trash.desktop de l’installation de plasma6-kio-extras-24.02.2-1.x86_64 entre en conflit avec le fichier du paquet kio-kcm_trash-5.115.0-3.x86_64

I hope you understand why there’s an error. I’m sure you do.

Thank you.


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$ sudo dnf remove sof-firmware kio-kcm_trash 2>&1|tee rome-remove.log
$ sudo dnf install sof-bin

then start the upgrade again.

The rome-remove.log is created for future documentation just in case.

We will never know if @rugyada suggestion worked. But if I am reading the logs correctly it should have worked. I had to do the same on my ROME systems and worked_for_me.