Cannot compile latest kernel from on OpenMandriva Lx 4.1

I’m using OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 and I’ve tried to build both the latest stable kernel (kernel 5.9.14), and the “mainline” 5.10-rc7 kernel downloaded from the Linux kernel site, and keep getting the following error when trying to compile both;

inconsistent ORC unwind table entries in file: vmlinux
Failed to sort kernel tables
make: *** [Makefile:1162: vmlinux] Error 1

I’ve tried to change the kernel config option CONFIG_UNWINDER_ORC kernel option to CONFIG_UNWINDER_ORC=n in the .config file, but it kept getting changed back to CONFIG_UNWINDER_ORC=y every time I ran the make command to build the kernel. I’ve also tried to build the kernel both as root as well as a normal unprivileged user, but get the exactly the same error every time.

I need to build the latest kernel myself as it’s the only way to fix problems I’m having with my video card, as I need a better version of the amdgpu module.

It must be possible to build the kernel yourself for OpenMandriva, but I don’t know what else to try at this point. I could not find anything through searches I’ve done that explains what the problem I’m having is, nor how to fix it.

How do OpenMandriva dev’s do it?

Thanks for any help.

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Welcome @james.

They don’t.

Latest kernels from have not built for 4.1 because the tool-chain packages for 4.1 are to old. Kernel 5.9.14 and 5.10-rc7 are available in our Cooker and Rolling branches. They will be in our upcoming Lx 4.2 Beta release.

In preparation for Lx 4.2 Beta @bero did what we call ‘cp cooker2rolling’ yesterday evening. That means we remove everything in Rolling repositories and replace it with what is Cooker at that moment. Someone will be posting more about upgrading a Lx 4.1 system or installing Rolling/Lx 4.2 Beta when we have done a bit of testing to see if there are any issues.

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@james this would lead to kernel 5.9.14 installed and kernel 5.10-rc7 being available:

Rock to Rolling conversion successfully

Read this also before attempting that:

Rolling major upgrade 2020-12-13

We have not tested this conversion since the Rolling major upgrade but it should work. So be sure you have any irreplaceable data backed up before doing.

Alternative: Our automated build system (ABF) is to sluggish right now due to massive upload to our mirrors. When that is working normally again I will post links for latest OM Lx 4.2 ISO’s in another thread. These are Rolling branch ISO’s that may become Lx 4.2 Beta.

I hope something I wrote was helpful.

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If interested the new Rolling and maybe OM Lx 4.2 Beta ISO’s are here.

Thanks for the insight Ben.

I’ll try converting to “rolling” to get a better kernel version, and have started the process. But since dnf wants to download 4.3G worth of updates and that will breach my current download limit, I’ll need to buy more internet data to be able to finish the process. Otherwise I’ll use up all the data I currently have left, and dnf won’t be able to finish anyway.

I have snapshotted the root partition on my machine with Clonezilla so I can revert it back to 4.1 if something goes wrong. I have /home on a separate partition and already have backups of that anyway. As I’d prefer not to have to do a complete reinstall of the system if I can avoid it.

I’m just glad it wasn’t something I was doing that was causing the kernel not to build for me. :wink:

I’ll let you know if it works for me when I can finish the process.

Thanks again for all of your help.


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Nope, not something you were doing wrong, and a really good question by the way.

Do let us know how you get on. I consider Rolling/4.2 Beta to be considerably better than 4.1 right now. Plus the more users we can get to test the better we can make it.

To avoid the problem of lost data I maintain separate data partitions. To have these automatically mounted you can add these with the OM Calamares installer using Manual Partitioning. Or you can simply add a line to /etc/fstab after installation. Thus I can easily re-install if a break a system.

Post-edit: For all users: As a general rule you don’t want to store any irreplaceable data on a system partition.

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I managed to successfully convert the system to “rolling” by following the “Rock to Rolling conversion successfully” link above. So far I’ve not had any issues that I’m aware of, and the updated amdgpu module has solved at least most of the problems I was having with my video card.

Thanks again.

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