A nitro-wallpaper

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(jim) #41

Star Struck …let my imagination run …!

(jim) #42

@raphael should I change anything on nitrointro ? open for suggestions .

(jim) #43

@ben79 what is your opinion on this one ? does it need sump’n ? :slight_smile:

(Ben Bullard) #44

Sort of like it as it is actually. But:

Move the “OpenMandriva” up a bit higher and include my beloved Red OpenMandriva Nitro Ball. And maybe it would be even better. That Red Nitro ball seems a good bit of branding as it makes specific what version on OpenMandriva. Or alternatively you could include the line “Lx 4” in the various wallpapers for specific version branding. Or being a creative type of person you may come up with another way of version branding.

(Ben Bullard) #45

Or place the beloved Red OpenMandriva Nitro Ball in the green triangle swoosh thingy. I don’t recall the exact geometrical name for that construction at the moment.

(jim) #46

The basic shape for the green traingle swoosh is a triangle …but it’s a corner turned upside down LOL.!!!
I will make one with the red nitro ball for your desktop …or laptop

(jim) #47

not too bad …red nitroball !
I don’t have the font set on my computer to do the lettering for OpenMandriva Lx 4
I found a true type font set that looks the same though,
I have to install it …anywho…here you go!

(jim) #48

New font installed ,

(jim) #49

some more Ideas , need opinions for refinements

(jim) #50

I might put this one at the KDE store
The Mrs says it has movement and energy
I think it still needs sump’n


This wallpapers are good for wallpaper gallery.

(Ben Bullard) #52

I like both Nitro balls but maybe the blue one with the particles around it a bit better. The other one I call billiard ball looking is good too.

Post edit: I tend to like having more color. Which these do have. Our recent Release artwork has already tended to be more colorful than some distros so I want to continue or expand that.

(jim) #53

I remembered you liked green …a new one I did call OM Light the Way here.

The KDE Plasma version here.

(Ben Bullard) #54

How do you save links like that so you can use them as wallpaper?

Post edit: Dumb #$%. Click on the 3 dots to the left and select download…

(jim) #55

Doh !!!Lil-Homer

(colordavid) #56

I’m also looking for good ideas on wallpaper, can someone suggest me some ideas?

(Ben Bullard) #57

Welcome @colordavid to OpenMandriva forum. Unfortunately your 1st post got hung up in the system for “typing to fast”. I’m not kidding. Never saw that one before.


This thread was I think created for discussion on next OMLx 4.0 wallpapers-extra content,.

The new Release will be called OM Lx 4.0 it will be code named Nitrogen. So one of the first things that came out was @jimmyc’s nitro ball you can see that above in this thread. I’m not an artistic type so will leave the ideas mostly to others. Somewhere @rugyada has some fine looking LX 4.0 artwork too and hers will likely be a comprehensive package not wallpaper only. @rugyada is who can help you out with how to do artwork for everything not just wallpaper.

One suggestion for all artists is we need artwork for everything (not just wallpaper) to put in our gallery or to enter into the contest for “Official” artwork for OM Lx 4.0 "Nitrogen’ Release.



This photo was taken from my parents place here in Maquapit Lake, New Brunswick, Canada. You can absolutely use this picture if you would like. I thought the mirror of the lake reflecting the sky and the landscape would be quite stunning as a background.


The same wallpaper with the logo inserted. My first attempt (not bad but I have a lot to learn).

(rugyada) #60

Your Maquapit Lake + logo (download here) white and moved.