A nitro-wallpaper

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Many thanks for editing that! I noticed my mistake when I tried to use it.

I’ve also downloaded the logos available at the link you graciously provided. I think the next time I’m going to make a background, I’m gonna have to try it out first before uploading. Have also now installed GIMP (I know how to use it more than I know Krita).

(jim) #62

what kind of art work ? for applications , system setting , what ?

(Ben Bullard) #63

Artwork for a release is more than wallpaper it needs to be a package including artwork for Grub2 menu, SDDM login screen, splash screen (for while Plasma5 is logging in) and wallpaper. There may be more, @rugyada would know. Maybe there needs to also be artwork for openbox login screen for LXQt only ISO.

This is part of “branding” for a Linux release.

Post-edit: There are plans to also have an officially supported Lumina desktop so that may also have some different requirements. A little more about Lumina in wikipedia.

(jim) #64

edited the files for Grub2 , SDDM and Plasma to show my Nitro wallpaper images .
now that I know how to do it , I will attempt it on openbox .

(colordavid) #65

Do I need more for a wallpaper like this?

Open Gallery to Community art or create Community Gallery?
(jim) #66

how does one submit artwork into the gallery , it’s closed to submission , I have an account there , but there is
no way to submit anything. also " what contest " I have not seen any mention of it.
can you enlighten me .

(rugyada) #67

We’ll upload there the images submitted by users fitting the theme.

(Ben Bullard) #68

I’m not an artist not on the Artwork team so I’m the wrong person to ask.

(Ben Bullard) #69

I don’t know. I am surprised that it is closed to submission I would think that an organization in such desperate need for contributors would have it open for submissions. Obviously I thought it was as you can see from my post. Guess I was wrong. :frowning:

Post-edit: I guess the Gallery is intended only for “Official” artwork or artwork that was in contests or something like that. I think that is daft. Seems to me we ought to have a section for Community users to submit artwork for the Community’s use. Or a separate gallery for Community art, especially given that we now have interest in this.

There isn’t yet a contest it is in discussion stage here. But in past we’ve always had a contest to select the default artwork for major new releases. ie. for 2013, 2014, and Lx 3 and next for Lx 4.

(Ben Bullard) #70

See this and by all means weigh in if you have an opinion or wish to participate.

(colordavid) #71

You can also find more wallpapers here:https://colorwallpaper.net/

(Ben Bullard) #72

But, but, but, that’s all wallpaper for smartphones, for android or iphones.


(rugyada) #73

@ve9cbc I wish to take your picture, rework a little bit and upload to Gallery.

Guess I’m going to take also from @jimmyc 's images one more, that he published here somewhere, and I liked. Just need to find it =)

(jim) #74

@ve9cbc which one ?? what was on it ?