A nitro-wallpaper

I seem to be driven on this lol :star_struck:
If you turn your head sideways to the right , it looks like a light shinning on a planet LOL !



PlanetNitro ,

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Simple Nitrogen wallpaper.

with screenshot ,


with a glow

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I’m starting to wonder what your wallpaper creations would look like in different colors?
Usually OM stuff has the blue with oranges and yellows. I also would like to see with blue and greens. But I just like greens lately…

Thanks for the input , I’ll give it a whirl ! blue , orange and yellow.
I’m reading the article on nomix at the moment …interesting :slight_smile:

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? :coffee:

orange and yellow color change …will add green after PIZZA !!!

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Blue , Orange and yellow , classic mandrake colors…looks like a pool table LOL …

and one with green

I saw 20 deer in the front yard around 7pm …evil grin I was really tempted to get my bow ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Getting more interesting and more colorful.

how about this one …simple and all the colors .

or this …just an Idea.

A Darker background for OM4

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I’m done…maybe :grin:

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Had to throw this one in :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Let it be , Let it be , whisper words of wisdom …Let it Bee !!!

Excluding this wallpaper, all wallpapers looks like OpenMandriva Lx 4.0’s.

I like the idea of the round ball with the N and the diagram of a nitrogen atom as part of Lx 4 wallpaper. On the other hand one never knows what other ideas creative peoples are yet to come up with.

still need to tweak it a little :slight_smile:

With Logo …

Bluehorizon5k revision 2



revision 3

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@rugyada fresh off the press …

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