A nitro-wallpaper

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OpenMandriva is watching you ! I hope this isn’t a big bother

(Ben Bullard) #22

Particularly like version 3.

(jim) #23

Nah…I’m not making anyone angry am I ???

(jim) #24

I like it too …but I have the ring shadow on the wrong side of the ball’s top left reflection…revision revision revision .


You are certainly not :wink:

(jim) #26

I have over 3000 views on g+ …I was not expecting that .:astonished:
well , got to go and do some welding need to repair the Hay Baler and mowing deck for my tractor .

(Ben Bullard) #27

No, not at all.

(jim) #28

I just call it M-Star

(jim) #29

Something New .

(jim) #30

New Horizons

(Ben Bullard) #31

This would be good or maybe great if it had the red nitro balls from revision 3 above.

(jim) #32

@ben79 red nitro ball as requested.

(jim) #33

@ben79 Cool and Refreshing OpenMandriva…


(Ben Bullard) #34

@jimmyc do like the 2 most recent ones above. You should start posting some of your stuff in our gallery. Also KDE store.

(jim) #35

Thanks ben , I have an account at the OM site but there does not seem to be a way to make a post ,
I keep looking but that option seems closed.
I think the kde store might work. :+1:

(jim) #36

Posted this one and 5 others at KDE store …

(jim) #37


Rain drops is great!

(jim) #39

thank you …it took a while to get those rain drops just right .
I have more at the KDE store under abstract here and here

(jim) #40

OpenMandriva Drake Colors

I …am your father !!!