What I expect in OM 4.0

What I expect in OM 4.0 from my Past Experience (Summary)

  • Proper partitioning and Installation (/, Swap, Home, etc)
  • VMware, KVM, XEN, Oracle, Hyper-V etc Installation
  • More Hardware and Proprietary Driver support (Nvidia)
  • No crash in Boot Image
  • London eye KDE Login Screen (Splash Screen)
  • More Education Software and Games for Students.
  • More Support on Microsoft Technologies (SQL Server, Development environments, etc)
  • More support on Oracle Technologies (Databases)
  • Viber and other Paid software Support
  • No KDE crashes
  • Fast package display in MCC and No errors in MCC
  • Server Software Support
  • Training and Certification on OpenMandriva (Installation, Development, Administration, etc)
  • Good Documentation and Manuals.
  • Ability to install Software that are not in the MCC. But supports .rpm
  • Proper testing before release the OS.
  • No security bugs and Better virus and spyware protection
  • Gnome, LXQT, etc desktop environments.
  • More 3G/4G Dongle and Mobile Phone Driver support
  • Static IP addressing
  • Couple of beautiful Wallpapers

Add more when I can remember. Thanks…

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what ever happened to MySQL and PostgreSQL , they used to be on most linux distros .

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PostgreSQL is still there, MySQL has been replaced with MariaDB in most distributions (including OpenMandriva and Mageia). MariaDB is a fork of MySQL by the original MySQL developers, after MySQL was bought by Oracle.
There’s plenty of reasons to prefer MariaDB over MySQL, virtually none to go the other way.

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I’m old…LOL thanks for the update .
I don’t see a way to run MariaDB on a terminal and build a database like mysql used to be , is there a way to do
that from the command line ?

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There is – but the tool is still called “mysql”.
The MariaDB guys decided not to rename the binaries so all scripts would keep working.

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Nothing else? :grin:


thanks a million I just tried it out going to play with it for a while .:+1:

I’d like a really update java stack and scientific applications too. And I’d like to give my effort for this :slight_smile:.

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Maybe I do not understand too well but it works… For example, find an application with a .rpm package, e.g. GoogleChrome or Opera. Download the .rpm package and run the installer with a double click. You can also use konsole/terminal urpmi packagexyz.rpm and it is installed.

Well. It is not always possible to add proprietary software for licensing reasons.
Once I thought of a similar embodiment. Namely, creating several packages for proprietary applications, such as Spotify. In packages, add only a simple script to download the official package spotify.deb, unpack and copy /bin and /share to system dir. Then create shortcuts. Something like the old get-skype. Without breaking the license. I do not know if this is possible but certainly worth considering. Unfortunately, you need time and people to do it and care for this :slightly_frowning_face:/

Forgot: Local Language support :smiley:

What is your local language?

I am from Sri Lanka so need both Sinhala and Tamil.
Any way what happen to Ceylon programming language?

Didn’t basic alloy alpha numeric variables like Ceylon ?

This thread makes me :rofl:


Hint: Read this thread and then read the Cooker list on this forum and read the logs of TC-meetings. You would think you are reading about two entirely different groups of people like two separate organizations or something.

There is a bug report here.

which logs ? you didn’t leave any for the 23rd

There was no meeting on 23rd. It was cancelled because the meet-bot ‘chwido’ was misbehaving. Now ‘chwido’ is just gone. All kind of strange.

What ‘chwido’ was doing was it hijacked the IRC channel and kept logging in and quitting every minute or every 2 minutes so communication was very difficult.

Edit: I could have been more specific. I meant to read logs of some of the most recent TC-meetings. Which are here.

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Chwido is currently banned on #openmandiva-cooker. Can someone modify this?

@bero is going to un-ban chwido but if chwido starts doing that thing where he logs in and leaves every minute then the ban will return. We need to get fixed what ever is causing that behavior as it ruins communication on that channel. But I don’t have a clue as to the cause at one time I thought maybe @fedya knew, or maybe @Colin?

We like chwido very much and want him present @ #openmandriva-cooker. But that coming and leaving every minute is very disruptive. Bad dog chwido! :smiley:

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