What I expect in OM 4.0

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Thanks for the info.

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For Viber problem I use Bluestacks (Android Emulator) in Windows.

If possible please add 5.1 Sound card Drivers.

(Pujitha Dimuthu ) #23

Since I could not update my mirros. I realize Software Manager displays application Database very fast. Checking mirros will take time to load the application database. sometimes take more than 30 min.

Now less than 2 mins.


By the way, chwido seems to work well now. Am I right?

(Ben Bullard) #25

Yes, and thank you.


Thanks @fedya a minimal 64bti Lx4.0 iso is available on ABF and I guess LXQt and PLASMA version will be ready soon ( I am downloading it, I can’t wait for an official announce :star_struck:). All these are just for tester, of course.

(Raphaël) #27

Please provide blog material. A lot of audience is missed by focusing only on facebook :slight_smile:


It is just an alpha release, but ASAIK these are the first ISOs with the new packaging system.

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BTW, @colin also have built a minimal iso with DNF few hours ago.


Yes, @colin buid is 2026 and @fedya build is 2027.

(Ben Bullard) #31

Not so fast, there needs to be at least one mass rebuild of cooker if not several, that will take weeks. Until then I don’t think we’ll have a working Plasma5 or LXQt desktop.

What we will need is help, much help, fixing broken packages uncovered by the mass rebuild.

Also if contrib is included in mass rebuild that could extend the time to who knows…

Until all the broken packages are fixed the want list at the beginning of this thread is not in play. Not to mention that there are things in that list no Linux distro can promise or deliver on.

  1. No KDE crashes - In the first place desktop crashes are caused by users as often as by software, no one can promise this.

  2. No security bugs - Not only can no one in Linux promise this no one in computers can do so. Edit: (Unless you’ve been in a shell you should know that all devices currently connected to the Internet are vulnerable. All, computers, smartphones, dumbphones, ALL.)

Don’t get me wrong there are some great things in that list, but making a list is something anyone can do. Accomplishing the things in the list is a whole 'nuther matter. And some of the rest of the things in the list reflect a lack of understanding of what OpenMandriva is and what the actual resources are. Do Y’all realize what the yearly budget of OpenMandriva Association is? Hint: Less than it would take to pay for one employee. As in 1. We can’t afford even a janitor.

And also anyone can say “You have to think outside the box”. No you need to show us how “To think outside the box”. Do none of you think the @Colin, @bero, @TPG, @fedya, and several others aren’t trying to “Think outside the box”.

I’m tired of lists. I can do that too. What is needed is people doing things to accomplish tasks on a list.

Anyone wishing to contribute just ask and we’ll show you how.


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Any comments…

(Bero) #35

ZDNet is a bunch of FUD-sters. What they don’t get is that not everyone is out to make money, and some of the BEST stuff is free.

OpenMandriva is not a company and is not controlled by any company. We don’t make any money. The down side is, of course, that we can’t move as fast as we could if we could afford hiring people full-time. The up side is that we don’t have to (and don’t) do anything they accuse open source companies of doing.

(Ben Bullard) #36

Don’t let any comments I make lead anyone to conclude that I don’t recognize that there is a lot of good, a tremendous lot, with OpenMandriva the distro and the Association. And I wish I knew how to generate funds and lead people and that sort of thing but it does not seem to be among my meager gifts.

As far a comments I make I worked a lifetime in the Printing Industry in the US. There when it was time to voice our opinions and thoughts we did not feel it necessary to sugar coat things. I actually do try to tone it down some in this environment this being an international forum and all. In this environment perhaps being able to speak like a diplomat would be a gift. But that’s another thing I am not great at… :monkey_face:

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I do have some thought that maybe a better, more useful, discussion than “What I wish for Lx 4.0” would be “What I wish for OpenMandriva Association”. Like one full time admin/public relations/fund raising employee, or maybe part time. And maybe 2 full time paid developers and a few more part-time paid devs/package maintainers. But that is also just me dreaming.

(Ben Bullard) #38

I don’t actually know what is legal under OpenMandriva Association charter in terms of generating operating funds. But OMA is chartered as a non-profit under French Law. Elsewhere you may notice me wishing for a few full or part-time employees but I don’t know how or if that is do able. Also with paid employees do come some other potential issues.

(Raphaël) #39

Interesting that you talk about this, these are precisely subjects I was thinking about, with several suggestions I wanted to submit to Council. :man_cook:

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