What apps users expect to be on a normal default plasma installation?

This is a topic to gather users’ opinions about what apps may be needed by default.

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En ce qui me concerne je suis un utilisateur du centre de contrôle d’omv et je serais vraiment déçu de ne plus le voir dans la futur distribution. J’ai du mal à comprendre ce besoin de faire disparaître un outil complet est facile à utiliser !!!

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OK, If I can use a translator when I post in French forum can you do the same here please?

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This has been reported multiple times already. And do know that I am reporting what our developers say this is not something decided by me at all. drakxtools and drakconf were written a very long time ago. In computer code life they are ancient. The code got deprecated and difficult to maintain. Now it is getting impossible to maintain. A big part of this is that they are written in perl and OpenMandriva has zero developers that use perl or know perl well.

Developer’s including our fearless leader @bero have stated that they would not just remove those without something to replace them if at all possible.

Another distro that uses the same tools has already re-written them and the new tools are called ManaTools. One of the main authors of that project @ngompa is the person who spearheaded the change in Cooker from urpmi/rpm5 to dnf/rpm.org. I believe the process to backport those packages to OpenMandriva Cooker has been started.

However I can not absolutely for sure say they will be in first Lx 4 “Official” release. They are not on recent Cooker ISO’s nor are the old, deprecated, drakxtools or drakconf.

If OpenMandriva had developers with the time to write new code for this from scratch it would already have been done. Developers were complaining about draxtools years ago. We simply don’t have enough people at this time. And remember that we are all part time volunteers with Life, Family, and Job responsibilities as well.

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For a lot of users a GUI utility for managing users and groups.

KUser is a tool for managing users and groups on your system.

KUser is unmaintained and no longer released by the KDE community.


  • User and group creation and edition
  • Easy password and group management for each user

Admittedly this is very easy to do from command line but due to our Mandrake/Mandriva heritage we do have a number of users that are command line fearful. (Which is silly as many things are easier and faster from command line.) But it is our heritage.

If we actually do get ManaTools backported I believe this would include such a utility (manauser).

OK, well understood. As far as I am concerned I am a user of the omv control center and I would be really disappointed not to see it in the future distribution. I have trouble understanding this need to make a complete tool disappear easy to use !!!

@zuzu21 the point is that we don’t have any developer able/willing to maintain this stuff.

Sometimes you should really let the things go” [~cit.] :wink:

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I dont think that getting rid of this Control center is a good idea, you have as you advertised 3% for all linux version of the market.

I have tried the OpenMandriva and was very confused as to how to work it. After 6 attempts to control the usability, and I mean

Installations of the very same version, I ended up with a constant and continually changing install. This meant that I was constantly

learning how to understand how to add new programs, (NOT apps) and how to make this version follow my needs not OpenMandriva’s expectations

Virus-free. www.avast.com

Feel free to join developers, fix code and maintain old Control Center.
We’ll be more than happy.


Feel free to ask in forum or file bug reports, of course providing logs, screenshots, etc.
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Id like to see the Calligra suite instead of LibreOffice personally.

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