Thank you for this, I’m now sure of this, but I can look it over to see what is what.

The only thing I would ask that you now use TLA;s (Three Letter Acronyms) they don’t

help for new users, as we don’t know what they mean :slight_smile:

Thanks again


Before getting in to that perhaps you could till us what version of OpenMandriva are you using? This thread is specific to a version that has not been released so it matters.

This is a hopeless cause. People all over the world of computers, not just in Linux or OpenMandriva Linux, use acronyms all the time. It’s like another language to be learned not something to be shunned.

Acronyms exist for reasons one is to save time. Most of us use Internet Search to find out what they mean or you can just ask. It is more reasonable to ask one person to learn what EFI means (Extensible Firmware Interface) than asking thousands to type Extensible Firmware Interface every time we talk about it. Also, over time, and through common usage, EFI has become the actual commonly used name no one calls it Extensible Firmware Interface, you will likely only see that in wiki’s and documentation.

Another example is ABF used here in OpenMandriva world. ABF stands for Automated Build Farm but the actual name is ABF not Automated Build Farm. so this would be an example of an acronym that is actually a name. Certainly you wouldn’t expect people to type the description every time instead of the name?

By asking us not to use acronyms you are asking us to change the language we are used to.

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It might be a good idea to let it go, but do you know for instance

1, which program do i use to install a program ?

2, which version of an install do i chooses, when I’m offered i586, or 32_64bit, or some other option ?

3, do I uninstall old program versions, and how does this effect the operations of the installed version ?

4, and the list goes on and on and on !


CLI is the best option currently.

Again: this is OffTopic here. Please start a new discussion and ask your question there.
Most likely you’ll get better answers this way.
First read here

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If you could, please don’t use TLA’s (Tree Letter Aconyms) WE the new user don’t know’

what they mean :slight_smile:


See this.

Command Line Interface. Also known as terminal. KDE terminal is called Konsole.
Know it, Learn it, Believe it, Use it. :smiley:
Feel the Power! :joy: