Video Capture not working in VirtualBox


Trying to make a demo video and discovered that Video Capture is not working. First wondering if I’m missing something? In the past I just selected Settings>Display>Video Capture “Enable Video Capture” and it worked. Anyone know anything about this?

In my vbox I don’t change settings

Settings>Display>Video Capture “Enable Video Capture”

All I do is to right click the icon in the little bottom bar and select video capture. The capture starts immediately and to stop it I just select it again.

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Thanks, but starting it isn’t the problem. The problem is that when it is supposedly started it does not save the .webm file so no video was actually captured.

I can do this with the VBox 5.2.18 version from Oracle website. It is OM’s package (currently 5.2.16) that does not seem working.

Ah ok, I did not understand what exactly wasn’t working for you and as I don’t change anything in settings I wondered if there is something different in the way we do it :slight_smile:

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Maybe it is me that does not understand, it seems you do have use the icon but that is not something that I recall doing in the past…

Maybe it’s a different way to do the same thing, and maybe it’s also the quickest. Anyway I always did so.
Actually I don’t use the vb video capture anymore because of bad quality of the video produced.

According to documentation they are the same thing. Here if I right click on that icon it merely opens the settings dialog window anyway.

However it is not working for me. I said earlier that it was working in the Oracle version, but that is not working correctly either. So I don’t know.

When I select Video Capture and start VBox I see that the Icon is spinning as if it is active and when I hover on it it shows where the video .webm file should be saved. But no video file is saved.

This just is not working not even in the Oracle version.

Could be that it’s saving the video files in some different directory? Have you double-checked the path?

I don’t know. But the directory where is is supposed to save the file is listed in the settings. It is supposed to save the webm file in the same folder where the guest VM is located.

Yes, it is supposed so. You could try to set another location, and see what happens.
PS> Ah, and also to give it a new strange name.

Thanks. That did not work.

Look in your_path/Logs/VBox.log.x (<-- this could be VBox.log.1 or VBox.log.2 or so)
if there is a string similar to mine

VideoRec: Recording video to '/home/ruru/VirtualBox VMs/


VideoRec: Closed file '/home/ruru/VirtualBox VMs/

which I think are supposed to be created when you make a video capture.

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This is the only line with ‘VideoRec:’ in my logs.

00:00:00.339489 VideoRec: Only video will be recorded


00:10:24.112941 VideoRec: Only video will be recorded
00:10:24.113174 VideoRec: Starting ...
00:10:24.113788 VideoRec: Recording screen #0 with 1024x768 @ 512 kbps, 25 FPS
00:10:24.113796 VideoRec: Recording video to '/home/ruru/VirtualBox VMs/1915-clone/1915-clone-2018-08-24T18-49-07-121384000Z.webm'
00:10:24.285271 GUI: UIMediumEnumerator: Medium-enumeration finished!
00:10:29.828536 VideoRec: Stopping ...
00:10:29.833079 VideoRec: Recording screen #0 stopped
00:10:29.833096 VideoRec: Closed file '/home/ruru/VirtualBox VMs/1915-clone/1915-clone-2018-08-24T18-49-07-121384000Z.webm'
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Then it isn’t working. I only have the one line. Her’s the whole log:

Unless there is something else that start’s it recording but I don’t think there is.

I see.

Sorry :unamused:

I don’t think either.

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Pretty sure this is broken or there is a problem on my computer. Maybe I go take a walk and later I try on another computer.