Updating qt on 3.0

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hi all

i’m currently updating qt to 5.9.6 on 3.0, please dont downvote packages in kahinah until the update is complete as until then it is likely that doing a partial update using testing repo will cause things to break.



Thanks for the heads up.

Until @crisb gives us the heads up to go ahead with qt5 package stack all testers can put the following in ‘/etc/urpmi/skip.list’:


Post-edit: And if you do the above do pay attention during to updates for any other qt5 packages that might have slightly different naming like the lib64qgsttools_p1 one. Wait to install any such package until after @crisb gives us the heads up to install or add them to your ‘skip.list’ as above.

Post-edit: Alternatively one could just not enable testing repos or just not enable main-testing repo until this update is ready.

ok all published now.

i’ve also updated plasma to 5.12.6 LTS which should be updated at the same time. this fixes a nasty plasmashell restart every five minutes bug for me which others may have been seeing.


OK, thanks @crisb.

I did an update in VBox and everything installs and system reboots but there are some issues with graphics:

Note: the missing OpenMandriva button for Application Launcher and the other icons in the Applications Menu.

And here Dolphin window is just um, wrongly sized in an odd way:

There’s probably more but these 2 screen-shots show the jist of the issues.

ok i’m building a patch for the dolphin button issue, check out plasma-desktop 5.12.6-2omv see if that fixes it.

for the dolphin issue its a bug in qt 5.9.6 which i’m just testing a patch for.

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look out for qtbase 5.9.6-2 which will fix the dolphin issue

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This all seems squared away with the new packages in VBox instance. Here’s updated package list today:

Test-repos.txt (3.8 KB)

Thanks @crisb and thanks for making all these packages available for users.

@crisb I’ve tested these a little bit in hardware now and by and large things seem to be working OK. One thing that isn’t working is spellcheck in Quassel which is disappointing to me because I use Quassel. Spellcheck started working again (finally!) in Quassel in openSUSE and Manjaro with V. 0.12.5. So I wonder if there is a missing package in OM?

Post-edit: I tried adding sonnet-aspell which did not help.

Post-edit: I just checked and the version of Quassel in OM main-testing repo is exactly the same as the version in openSUSE and Manjaro. So that isn’t why spell check isn’t working in OM. And spell check is working in OM here in KDE stuff like KWrite. And LibreOffice for that matter.

Anyway these are some of the spelling related packages installed:

$ rpm -qa | grep sonnet

$ rpm -qa | grep hunspell

$ rpm -qa | grep aspell

$ rpm -qa | grep myspell


$ rpm -qa enchant

hi ben

i’ve sorted this - a fixed quassel 0.12.5-2omv is now building.

it was simply the fact that the KDE frameworks integration was disabled which provides the spelling support.

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OK, thanks, and of course I’ll check it when available.

Anyway, when update comes out of the tests, maybe it’s worth writing about this news in openmandriva/news and add it also to facebook?

Write something like that, although LX4 is just around the corner, we do not forget about LX3.
And list updates: plasma 5.12, QT, Mesa 18.1, libreoffice etc …


I think us good idea.

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Thanks, the fix is confirmed it is fixed and spell check is working in Quassel here.


Someone ought to check these packages on LXQt desktop. Here LXQt is basically non-functional. Any thing I click on in the Application Menu results in the panel disappearing and nothing opens. I don’t know if this behavior is caused be these packages in testing repo or if LXQt was already borked so someone that knows LXQt really should check this.

yeah there were a couple of packages (qtxdg and lxqt-plugin) which needed rebuilding against the new version of qt. they should appear soon.

rebuilds generally shouldnt be required but some software is a bit naughty in that it uses private headers from qt which can change with each release.

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I think I have all of the packages now and in VBox and on 2 hardware systems most everything is working well in both desktops (Plasma5 and LXQt).

The one exception I’m aware of is the PCManFM-QT File Manager. But I believe this has been broken for months so this was a “preexisting condition” and not caused be the packages in main-testing repo. PCManFM-QT simply does not work, is not usable. So maybe I’ll open another forum thread on this. Might have to do a bug report.

FWIW: PCManFM-QT issue goes back at least to August of 2017 as noted here.