Updating problems

This is probably the same as topic

Problemi di aggiornamento

Here I have since the last 3 days:

"Some packages could not be installed:
task-plasma-5.9.2-1-omv2015.0.noarch (due to the lack of kwin-wayland[>= 5.9.2])
task-plasma-minimal-5.9.2-1-omv2015.0.noarch (due to the lack of plasma-workspace[>= 5.9.2])
Proceed installation anyway? (Y/n) n "

It happened a few days ago with another package. Following Crisb, the problem was that
“accidently” a package from cooker entered the LX 3.0 repositories. Did it happen again?

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I have just updated my machine without any issue.
It’s a VB virtual machine so your mileage may vary.

$ rpm -qa|grep task-plasma

$ rpm -qa|grep task-plasma-minimal

$ rpm -qa|grep kwin-wayland
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So far no change. I’ll try again later.

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Not yet! It is already 4 days with this problem (I guess).


Do you have testing repos on?


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I’ve had no trouble updating multiple computers on hardware here. The packages mentioned are all in main-testing. Could it be a mirror problem?

I think discover do not show broken packages in the updating list. Then, people that use discover do not know about this problem. I have been using urpmi for updating and have this broken packages alarm.

Don’t think it is a mirror problem.

I just do not feel safe with discover …

I don’t use Discover, barely know it exists. I use ‘urpmi --auto-update’ on command line in Konsole.

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Fully agree. We have the magic words ‘urpmi --auto-update’ which let you have the control on whatever is going to happen while updating so why not use it?
Aside, one might argue that GUI is more user-friendly than CLI… But what the hell we are on Linux and can take advantage of its great features. So personally I love the console as long as it makes my life easier by just remembering some quick commands. There are times for GUI and times for CLI :wink:

PS> rather than discover, use rpmdrake.

I have the same problem in the drakrpm-update program.
I have no test repos on.

I use,
Urpmi --wget --auto-update
to avoid internet problems with aria2.

afaik it forces to use wget instead of aria2. Why not if you are happy with it :slight_smile:

Using MCC, I found out that this two broken packages belongs to main32-updates.

I have added comments to a closed/fixed bug on the same type of problem (bug 2047). I’m almost sure this is caused by another accidental issue of testing packages.

I’ve tried a number of times/ways to reproduce this problem and I simply can’t. The packages Y’all are talking about are working just fine, I can’t reproduce a problem with updates. Obviously this is with regular and testing repos enabled as none of the packages mentioned would be called without main-testing repo enabled.

adelson do you have main-testing repo enabled?

Edit: Could any and all who are having this issue provide a list of all enabled repositories please.

In ‘drakrpm-edit’media’ in upper left hand corner select ‘Options>Global options’ select ‘Download program to use’ and select your preferred choice. Then you shouldn’t need to add --wget everytime.

If anyone is having this problem and you didn’t/don’t/never have/had testing repos enabled could you run:

# urpmi --clean

# urpmi.update -a

and try updating again.


I don’t have testing repos on.

As I said above, this packages are from main32-updates. Why are they there?

Do you have main32-updates selected?

Upon the test you propose, I first have to say that I had already done,

urpmi --wget --auto-update

and when the question about broken packages appeared I answer “yes” to update anyway.
There have been more than 280 packages updated.

Back to the test. I did,

urpmi --clean
urpmi.update -a

the result was the list of repos selected marked as already updated. No reference to broken packages.

Then I did again

urpmi --wget --auto-update

and got again a reference to the broken package.


Y’all are killing me. I need more specific information.

Main32-updates where give me a URL. They aren’t here.

Edit: And post all out put of ‘urpmi.update -a’.

OK I just found task-plasma 5.9.2 packages in these repos:







so don’t use these repos for the time being. If anyone does not have testing repos enabled but they are pulling task-plasma 5.9.2 packages then change your repo. It’s a repo problem as I suggested a long time ago…