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RPM Downloaded from Team Viewer website…

Last question and I’ll quit bothering ya’all. I"m trying to install TeamViewer and the failure is 'missing" nothing supplies this so the install fails. Anybody using TeamViewer ? I appreciate your time… Thank You

Looking for a way to install

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Try the tar package instead.

In situation with 3rd party software the tar package usually contains all dependencies needed. Downloading .rpm’s for Fedora, Suse, or other Linux may or may not work in OMLx. OM has no goal or commitment to be compatible with library software of other Linux distros.

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Yeah, tried that too with no joy. I do appreciate your trying to help Ben.

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The tar package installs here in ROME.

$ sudo tar -xvf teamviewer_15.37.3_amd64.tar.xz

Again tar packages are usually self contained with all dependencies. So a tar package not installing would be unusual as far as I know.

Edit: FWIW There is no reason that would not work in any current x86_64 or znver1 versions of OMLx.

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Well this is embarrassing but apparently I was installing it incorrectly with your post above I’ve made it work… I’m really loving the work you all have done here and the support you have provided. I think I’ll be OK now, as I have the tools I need to function. Thank You !

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