dnf can’t be used as a flag in English/Support, I think this should be changed
installation can’t be used as a flag in English/Resources also think this should be changed.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and time.


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The best is if you can do it: please choose tags in top menu (btw the chosen terminology is tags, flags seems used for alerting moderators about users, not sure if this is proper English though)

There you’ll see a menu where with “Manage tags group”

Finally, select “support” group and add“dnf” to it.

Please tell me if it works.

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Yes what I was talking about are tags not flags.

No that does not work it tells me “dnf” cannot be used in this category. In general creating new tags seems to work only occasionally for me. Post-edit: Also created flags don’t show up on the https://forum3.openmandriva.org/ page which one would think is where they would be most useful other than in a search.

This is not any big concern I can work around it. But the no dnf support one I thought was really odd and counter-intuitive. In Resources someone added a misspelled ‘instalation’ flag but I just can’t make my self use it. It would have to be spelled correctly for me to use.

Post-edit: Is there a page anywhere with the “allowed” tags for each forum category? That might be helpful.

Try again now.

mispelled ‘instalation’ tag removed.

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Thanks, dnf flag works in Support now.

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Unfortunately “installation” is restricted to the following categories Support, Development Testing. And that I feel like is also needed for Resources.

Still fighting with the tags.
Current situation: losing :crazy_face:

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Well like I said, not a big deal. I can work around, would just rather have the ability to be precise when it comes to ‘How To’s’ in Resources and any posts related to technical issues. The less knowledgeable the user (and person helping user) the more important it is to attempt to be as precise as possible.

I believe there must be some rationale behind the settings/use of tags, just have to catch it :grin:
But for the moment I give up, will try again later.

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Perhaps that is my problem too? But I can’t see not being able the use the most technically correct tags for technical issues or How To’s.

It’s not a central place but each category has its own configuration (you click on the wrench when at the root of the category, then “tags” tab)

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Thanks, that let’s me see 'em but not able to change, or add, subtract, tags. So it appears there is nothing I can do but workaround this and mention things one by one as the come up.

you should have power to do this, can you show a screenshot?

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I just tried to remove the omlx-303 one highlighted. It seems to still be there.

Also that list say “Restricted to this category” the tags listed none should be restricted to that category they are in fact needed elsewhere. Except omlx-303 that one is useless the release is omlx-3.

Post-edit: I can not select to allow other tags either.

There is no Resources listed on this page and for Support I also can’t seem to do anything with tags.

Edit: Maybe except I may be able to delete the whole group. Which is going in the wrong direction.

I’ll have a look at this while i’m home, it’s not easy to check with cell phone…

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  1. you have the same permissions as me
  2. you should be able to add or delete a tag in any group
    For example, in the window “tags in this group” that refers to the Support group, you could add the new tag devices simply writting it then save the settings. If you want to delete it, just clic on the cross, then save the settings again.
    Same thing applies to the OpenMandriva Lx release group.

One of the groups in question is resources which does not exist here. And I don’t know if it is OK to add it or if that would mess something up.

Also what is a parent tag? And where are they?

Maybe I’m starting to understand…

Yes. Parent tag can be chosen from the list that appears when you clic in the “Parent tag” windows or you can create a new one.
When a parent tag is defined, it is required to be able to add a group tag.
For example, if you define a parent tag called “ressources” et you want to tag your post with “omlx-4”, you must tag the post with “ressources” first.
That helps to select more precisely a set of posts but that might confuse the users.
To be verified.

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