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Our Rolling release is currently also OM Lx 4.3.

Copying cooker repos to rolling repos is done. Now is the time for users to do the distribution upgrade. Do not use Discover or dnfdragora to do this upgrade, they will not do it correctly. It is strongly recommended to do this from terminal (Konsole). This is the basic command string:

$ dnf clean all ; sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf distro-sync

if you have any third party repositories disable them before doing this. If you have any additional software installed some packages may give an error. chromium-browser-stable is an example of this. If you have chromium-browser-stable you will have to remove it. Unfortunately you won’t be able to replace it until a new version is available. Current alternative browsers in OM Lx are the default Falkon and Firefox. Post-edit: Developers are working on a new version of chromium-browser-stable.

At the end are some scripts that will ask questions. This is from a x86_64 Rolling system I upgraded:

For Configuration file '/etc/sane.d/dll.conf' I select the default action to keep the current file. To do this press the Enter key.

For Configuration file '/etc/sddm.conf' I select to use the new file. To do that press Y or I then press Enter. You will have to reset any custom preferences in SystemSettings>Startup and Shutdown>Login Screen (SDDM). Why do I do this? SDDM starts up your Plasma desktop, an old sddm configuration file may not do everything newer KDE/Plasma packages require.

Last in my list was Configuration file '/etc/shadow'. /etc/shadow contains all your user information and passwords. If you want to keep the same users and passwords then you need to keep this file. In this case this is very easy as they set: The default action is to keep your current version.. To accept the default action you just press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Post-edit: It seems pulseaudio-server is being removed during this distro-sync process. If you are using that for audio you will need to re-install it:

$ sudo dnf install pulseaudio-server

After doing this dnf distro-sync you need to reboot your system for the new kernel and other much more up to date software.

Note: On a fairly basic x86_64 Rolling system I had 2293 packages downloaded and either upgraded or reinstalled.

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Another issue found. KDE isoimagewriter will not copy an .iso image to a flash drive unless the flash drive is empty. Users are encouraged to use ROSA imagewriter if this happens to you. SUSE imagewriter worked the last time I used it but that was a long time ago. For those already using OM Lx ROSA imagewriter is available in our repositories so just install it if it is not already installed on your system.

Windows users ROSA imagewriter is available for windows.

Summary of known issues with Rolling distribution upgrade so far (2021-11-03):

  1. Sound goes away because pulseaudio-server is not installed. (Devs will fix this.)
    For user solution is:
    $ sudo dnf install pulseaudio-server
  2. Chromium-browser-stable package will block the dnf disto-sync because of a conflicting dependency. (Devs are working on new package.) Unfortunately chromium-browser-stable user will need to:
    $ sudo dnf remove chromium-browser-stable
    and temporarily use Falkon and/or Firefox or other web browser.
  3. KDE isoimagewriter is not working correctly > KDE isoimagewriter works not · Issue #2750 · OpenMandrivaAssociation/distribution · GitHub > For users they can use ROSA imagewriter:
    $ sudo dnf install rosa-imagewriter

Thanks Ben. I ran into 1 and 2 not sure about 3. Will check tomorrow, but thanks for the fixes.

It is worth mentioning here that we also offer PipeWire support.
Therefore, people who want to keep using PulseAudio should install as @ben79 pointed out pulseaudio-server sudo dnf install pulseaudio-server
and people who want using PipeWire should install sudo dnf install pipewire-pulse and then reboot computer.
You cannot have both installed, you must select one. By default (yet) should be installed pulseaudio-server. However, we encourage you to test the pipewire and report any bugs or comments.

Just one question:
I’m a rock (standard) user. Should I have wait for the new distribution being ready fo Rock repository to upgrade ?

I am not sure what you are asking.

We hope to have the issues mentioned here fixed before OM Lx 4.3 is released. At that time the Rock repositories will switch from 4.2 to 4.3. When Rock repositories are changed from 4.2 to 4.3 Rock users will need to do the distribution upgrade.

$ dnf clean all ; sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf distro-sync

Discover or dnfdragora will not work for a distribution upgrade. If there are any additional instructions for the Rock distro upgrade we will announce that in this Forum.

When this will happen is difficult to predict when the group doing all the work consists of unpaid but very hard working volunteers.

Nobody one doubts about hard work of volunteers, and all we users are thankful for that.
Sincerely, it was not clear to me that you were fixing an issue: I thought that you we akin to release 4.3 for Rolling, and asking for a confirmation for I had to wait.
Sorry for the misunderstanding. Actually you asnswered to my question. Thanks.

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