Rolling repos sync with Cooker (2022/01/14)

Important for Rolling Users

Hard working OM Cooker devs are at work copying Cooker repos to Rolling repos. We do this when Cooker devs believe we are at a good point for stability and regarding bug fixing. There have been a huge amont of bugs fixed. Especially for KDE or other desktop packages it is best to wait for the entire process to complete to avoid problems.

Do not upgrade your Rolling system while this is in progress. You need to wait until copying cooker repos to rolling repos is finished. This process takes some time so we all need to patient.

Important: We will inform users here in this forum when it is safe again to upgrade. Also we’ll detail any extra steps that may be needed.

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Some news about OpenMandriva 4.3 Rock?

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@carlosigls We are almost there.


@rugyada What great news, waiting for the announcement … :wink:


Update: 2022/01/14

The process continues, contributors and testers uncovered a few more bugs. Thus there will be one more cp cooker to rolling. We will let folks know when it is save to sync/upgrade Rolling again.

i have checked mirrors situation this morning , no kernel-release-desktop appears

The rolling repos were copied/updated on Jan 12 and 13. The directory repodata has the metadata for that repo. The date of that folder tells when the repo was updated. rolling/main/release for x86_64 has:


Kernel 5.16.0 is latest here.

The dates on individual packages in rolling repos will mostly be older because the entire repo tree was copied from cooker repos. The dates on individual packages are the date that specific package originally published.

I believe @bero is planning to copy cooker to rolling one more time to pick up some new packages made for bug fixing. A part of contributor group trying to make OMLx 4.3 as good and trouble free as we can.

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So now it is time for Rolling users to distro-sync or do the distribution upgrade. More info and details here.

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Update done with Dnfdrake, everything ok.
Amule has also started working again.

Good job. Thank you

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for my part this this the end :
before starting wayland session , all is ok
after login , all CPU / threads on start session is runnig at 100% cpu ( version znver-1 )
screen is lagging , typing too

it was on OLVM4.2 , same error on OLMV 4.3
==> trouble Kwin & Wayland & start session for a nvidia card ( LLVM 256 bits cpu to 100% is so nice ! )

I still think x11 is the best solution. Tests done with other distros confirmed this too.
For wayland we are waiting for better times.