Rolling users time to distro-sync


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Time for Rolling users to distro-sync (distribution upgrade).

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The rolling repository sync with cooker repositories was done Jan. 12 and 13.

So users can upgrade their rolling systems. This is a long command string and will take some time. The bulk of time is taken by dnf --allowerasing distro-sync. Use this command in Konsole (terminal) to do the upgrade:

$ dnf clean all ; sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf --allowerasing distro-sync ; sudo dnf autoremove ; pkcon refresh force

Then reboot for new kernel.

There will be some questions at the end of the distro-sync part asking about keeping original file or newly created file for /etc/hosts and /etc/shadow. Just press Enter to accept default which keeps the original files. If you have questions ask in a forum post in English/Support section.

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Yes, please ask in the forum before you break your system :stuck_out_tongue:

Some screen-shots.

Tis one shows the questions at the end of the actual distribution upgrade or distro-sync:

Just press Enter to accept the default answer.

After reboot you should have:

If you use Firefox you should have:

For Chromium users we have chromium-browser-stable v. 96, chromium-browser-beta v. 98, and chromium-browser-dev v. 99.

Unfortunately the Google sync in Chromium no longer works since Google stopped this in March of 2021.

Software Repository Selector aka: om-repo-picker has an important new feature. Developer has added option to install a handfull of repositories for a handful of popular apps.

More about what is new for Rolling/OMLx 4.3 here.