Reminder: Do not mix repositories

For all OM Lx users: It is ultra important that you do not mix repositories use either rock only or rolling only. Also do not mix cooker with either rock or rolling.

Mixing repositories will result in weird problems and some software will be broken. Usually when a user has done this they will need to re-install their operating system.

The basic development model is:


Cooker is development branch. Cooker will be broken at times, guaranteed. This is a normal byproduct of developers doing the work their work.

Rolling is as the name implies a rolling release. Rolling periodically receives mass updates from the cooker branch as developers decide things are stable enough. What is in rolling branch will become at some point the next “stable” release. Right now rolling is also OM L x 4.3 RC. RC means Release Candidate.

Rock is the current stable release. Right now that is OM Lx 4.2. We hope to complete OM Lx 4.3 release sometime soon. At that time Rock will then become OM Lx 4.3 and for that Rock users will need a special command to upgrade:

$ dnf clean all ; sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf --allow erasing distro-sync

dnfdragora and Discover will not do this type of upgrade. We always announce this change in English forum along with any special instructions. And there usually are special instructions.

Note: sometime soon could mean in the next few weeks or sometime this year. All the contributors and developers are hoping for the next few weeks. But we have to get things right first and this is done by all part-time, volunteer folks who also have other responsibilities like family, health, and jobs. There has already been a huge amount of work done and we are all working very hard on this as time allows us to do so.

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