Question about RPM Fusion?

People told me that for Red Hat based distributions it is cool to enable the RPM Fusion repository.
So can I do that ? If the answer is yes how ?

Thank you in advance for the attention you’ll give to this message.

No. Technically you could but it is worse than a bad idea. Sometimes people will install a single Fedora or openSUSE package (or .rpm) but even that is prone to difficulty, dependency issues, and possible other problems.

Adding any repository from any other Linux distribution to any OM Lx system is an invitation to compatibility problems. Do this and when you update your system you are likely to break things or end up with a completely broken system.

This is what RPMFusion is for:

RPM Fusion provides software that the Fedora Project or Red Hat doesn’t want to ship.

OpenMandriva Lx is not based on RedHat or Fedora. OpenMandriva Lx is also not “just like” Mandriva. It is a different, unique creation and should be treated as such.

If there is software users find missing from OpenMandriva Lx you are welcome to make a request in the Support forum. If there is something you believe is really important that is missing then make a feature request in our issue tracker. Please keep in mind that OM is a small, all volunteer, community. Sometimes things we would like to do may take a long time or we may not have the resources to do at that time.

Ah ok I thought RPM Fusion was for all dnf-y yum-y distributions. No I actually don’t need that I was just curious about it. Thanks for the advice bro.

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I enabled the official repo for atom text editor should I disable that ?

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I also found a repo called teams in my repolist and because I didn’t know what it was and it isn’t in the official OM repos I disabled that. If you know what repo was it can you please tell me ? Should I reenable it?

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Not sure. I would want a developer to weigh in on this one. For now I would say keep it disabled so there is no contamination when you do system upgrade and periodically enable just to update atom.

I think teams is a M$ application. For now the best I could recommend is same approach as for atom and wait for developer to respond. Otherwise like for atom keep it disabled for system upgrades and only enable it to upgrade team.

I installed microsoft teams for necessity with an rpm package . When I checked the packages the repo for M$ Teams was @commandline.
I don’t know why they enabled a repo on my system and didn’t link it to the actual package.
Mistery i guess.
ok so do I have to periodically enable the atom repo, update and then disable the repo?

For more information on this or anything you might want to talk to developers about they can be found @ #openmandriva on Freenode IRC. Also we have a page for Matrix/Riot to access OM channels.

Thank you very much for patience breda. This is the most welcoming forum ever. I believe in this project keep on the work.
I am so happy about this distro that I volunteered as translator and translated 12 wiki pages.
This is my way to thank you guys. It is not much but that’s what my skills allow me to do well.

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I believe that would be the safe course of action. The important point is that user does not want to be doing system updates with 3rd party repositories enabled to avoid dnf picking system or library packages from that 3rd party repo instead of from the OpenMandriva repos.

Do hope that explanation makes sense to users as it is important.

Makes perfect sense man. Thank you :slight_smile: