Progress on OM Lx 4.2

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Work continues on OM Lx 4.2. It is anticipated that Beta release should be happening in the next week or two.

What is happening right now is that we are in the second stage of a mass rebuild of all packages in Cooker main repository. When this and the package “fixing” this entails is complete we will be copying Cooker main repo to Rolling main repo. Then we build ISO’s for OM Lx 4.2 Beta off of Rolling release.

We also will do mass rebuilds of unsupported, restricted, and non-free repositories before final release.

Developing a new operating system release is a big project but no delays are anticipated baring unforeseen circumstances.

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It does appear that this may take a bit longer than we initially thought. There was an unusual problem building the new gcc packages and a lot depends on gcc. This even though OM uses clang/llvm as it’s primary compiler.

There was not an issue with the gcc package itself, in fact the new package fixes some things. Now devs are working of a few other fixes and the 2nd mass build of main repository should proceed shortly.

Delays weren’t expected as I wrote that, but they have happened. In the process of getting things ready we have found some problems that we feel must be fixed before Beta release. As happens when there is more time, developers tend to decide to bring some more upgraded packages or make additional changes. The good thing about doing the process this way is the end result is of greater quality and more up to date. That is our goal.

Note: The goal is “best possible quality our resources will support” not “our goal is a perfect operating system”. if you want a perfect operating system you may be on the wrong planet. :upside_down_face:

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