Perhaps we need different wallpaper for znver1 ISO and systems?

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This hardware: inxi-F.txt (2.3 KB)

On this new computer for testing I plan to have both x86_64 and znver1 Rock and Rolling hardware partitions. Was thinking it would be a great idea if there was some differentiation between a x86_64 install and znver1 maybe in wallpaper.

Also I’m wondering for benefit of some of us if there is a way to add something to /etc/default/grub that will tell you in grub2-menu which partition is x86_64 Rock and which is znver1 Rolling? Think if one is 77 years and having a bad day this might be very helpful.

None of this is a big deal. Just ideas for “features” for OpenMandriva diversity.


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I will be happy to make a custom wallpaper for you, like I made these.

What do you want I put there?
'OpenMandriva znver1 Rock' and 'OpenMandriva znver1 Rolling' ?

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That would be great for me. Hope it would be of some benefit to other users as well.

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I agree. I have recently installed a second Lx4 for test (of repos changing from Cooker to Rock with a new ISO) and I find myself with 2 entries of LX4.
Of course, I modified “at hand” the Grub2, but if the installator (or OS-prober) could do it automatically, this should be a progress.
Some entries are straight from installation written with their partition, why not all?

The Wallpapers exist now and are very helpful for some of us.

The grub2 issue should get a bug report as a feature request.

Closing thread.