Rock, Rolling and Cooker wallpapers

For testing, I have several virtual machines running the different system channels: Rock, Rolling and Cooker.
The enjoying side is that I can play with them all, the boring one is that sometimes I don’t remember which one is running what :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So for my convenience I made some wallpapers so that I immediately can know which system I am using right now.

Well, it may look like a minor issue but I find it useful to have them anyway.

You can find them at my flickr page. You are welcome to download and use them as your OMLx wallpaper.





FWIW: Just noticed Cooker is misspelled.

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Oh… :rofl:
Postedit: Fixed

I remember the picture called omLxfuoco. I like it very much.


@ben79 wonders if these wallpapers could be made part of the distro-release packages or some other packages so they’d be available when people do distro upgrades? Or even made the default wallpaper for each release?

Seems like that’d be kool.


Frankly I have no opinion…
They are there, if anyone wants to make anything for OpenMandriva distro.