Organization of new website

This being great new design, hopefully the new website is activated before the release of OpenMandriva Lx 3.
What percentage of progress leads ?? 70% completed ??

I just want to say, that I’m really not comfortable with the term “Dummies Guide” being used on the home page. I know it’s the brand name of a very successful line of books published by Wiley media, but the line of books has become a household name and people know it’s used ironically, while using it on a home page just appears hostile and will not be taken in irony, I think.

I get your point and think you’re right. This organization is yet far from being final, more a Lorem ipsum equivalent. Furthermore we have no dummies guide…

The design is from @rugyada :slight_smile:

I’m mainly working on code, details and making things «legato» :smiley:

Not totally convinced but I’m getting close to something I think acceptable, related to doc part of the site:

I made a breadcrumb usable (but not mandatory) for pages in documentation, such as Om Lx 2014 doc made by Davide Garatti (I started to import it, but it’s a long work, lot of images). I also worked on breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumb can also be seen at the root of documentation directory Documentation.

Beginner’s Guides ?
How would call them a native English?

Beginner’s Guide is common.

The guys Rosalab, have modified their website, hopefully soon openmandriva debuts with a new website :slight_smile::gift: :alarm_clock::smiley:

Yes, this will be done soon :slight_smile: Thank you @quiroga for your latest support sentences, I feel satisfied as I indeed need feedbacks for my motivation.

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I like the direction this is going. Keep up the good work!:smiley:

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The new website this very well.
When it will be available officially ??

It will be officially available only once we’ll be satisfied of its shape.
The most of work is made under the hood.

Be sure, we won’t miss to announce the good progress.

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What is the status of this work?

We’re waiting the official release of Lx to open it to public…

Congratulations on the new site Openmandriva is very beautiful and great design.


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Thanks @lcom23 :slight_smile:

I’m behind the code, the design though is @rugyada’s

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