Organization of new website

I try to organize the different parts of our website in order to find a balance between what new visitors need to find quickly, what regular visitors need to access, what we want to promote… This page is made wiki and can be edited by anybody. is the base of the work

Level 0 immediately visible or reachable:

  • Download
  • screenshots
  • Latest activity (hints that we are active)
  • About (with a nice video?)
  • FAQ
  • Cool stuff: games?

Level 1 often needed by regular users

  • forums
  • Documentation

Level 2: what we would like to promote:

  • invitation to donate
  • sponsors

Level 3: no need to be directly accessible:

  • Contact us
  • Join us

We don’t necessary have to make a single page. What is lacking for me in current draft is a dynamic part with latest news.

Games should be visible somewhere not too much below the «traditional» fold line, because it’s a cool stuff :smile:

The problem for me with a single page website design is that every time we have a new release with new features we want to highlight and new download links, we theoretically have to change literally our entire website, instead of a page or two.

AJAX and includes are also a good solution :slight_smile:

For me the documentation part of a website is very important.

some new ??

this initiative was interesting!
What happened ?

Still running! One thing after another, now Landing page is next target (with Certificates upgrades too :slight_smile:

It is good to know that these changes are happening

You can have a first view the design made by @rugyada here

I’ve worked on code cleanup and now it’s compliant (or close to be) with Material Design

I’ve also made some small changes to make it looking more like discourse (for having something homogeneous)

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Please note that it’s neither yet optimized nor fully responsive.

If you have suggestion about anything, content or else go ahead.

I like it! :joy:

If Y’all need help writing dummies guide I’m qualified. :wink:

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You’re more than welcome @ben79 :smile:

BTW there is a place where anyone^W trusted people (level 3 but we can change later) can write howtos/guides/tutorials (that can after be moved to main websites)…

Some visual ideas/suggestions for sub pages like “download”

Please tell what you like/dislike:

Sub page download, I love it.

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This being very well !!
Recently, Deepin and OpenSuse redesigned their official sites. and they are very cute.

Perhaps they can serve as a reference

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the frame ( where I can read DOWNLOAD OPENMANDRIVA 3) is truncated on my screen

@quiroga about download page we can indeed do the visual effects like you can see on OpenSuse.

The Opensuse page effects with animations depending on your situation in viewport (stuff poping, appearing etc) is not very hard to do with jQuery scrollfire, but I’m not sure yet if this is nice to use it…

I try to respect @rugyada’s style which is elegant with few elements :stuck_out_tongue:

I love some part of deepin site, especially the LP, very simple! Some other one are imho too much crowded of jQuery effects…

Note that I don’t dislike jQuery effects, but I like them where they improve ergonomy (which is of course very subjective)

edit: ah, the idea also is to have the code very simple so that it’s easy after to add/remove elements, improve the pages with time passing etc.

Well in fact the page changes a lot, you may need to refresh, furthermore I try different texts to see how it appears on different screens (tablets, phones etc)

Please try with reload

I like the subtle effect in the download page. Maybe it could be added in the main page too.