Only "Log out" possible for action buttons


  • _OpenMandriva Lx version:_Rolling

  • _Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…):_KDE, LXQt, XFCE

  • Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant):

  • _Relevant informations (hardware involved, software version, logs or output…):_In VirtualBox

Nach Umstellung auf Rolling gemäß dem Link How to upgrade Rock/OMLx 4.3 to ROME (rolling)
stelle ich fest, daß bei den Aktionsknöpfen nur noch “Abmelden” aktiv ist.
Wie bekomme ich die anderen (“Neustart” und “Herunterfahren”) aktiviert?

Ch. Hanisch

Original post translated to English with DeepL translator:

After switching to rolling according to the link How to upgrade Rock/OMLx 4.3 to ROME (rolling)
I notice that only “Logout” is active in the action buttons.
How can I activate the others (“Restart” and “Shutdown”)?

Ch. Hanisch

Can you post a screen-shot of the button you are referring to? Is this something you added? I ask that because a default system does not have any button that I recall for logout, shutdown, reboot, ect. There is only this in the Application Menu>Power/Session:

Also if the lockout/logout widget:

was added to menu panel then right click on it and add what you want or remove it and reinstall it.

@Hanisch I suspect that you may get more help if you write in English.
Just an idea…

Menu>power/Session, next right click on item (eg. suspend, or reboot), add to “preferiti” (sorry, I’m using itialian localisation)…

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No no, va bene così. Facciamo pure un minestrone.
Contribuisco. :stuck_out_tongue:

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the problem is in KDE, LXQt and XFCE.
Only “Abmelden” is active.
Only in a Terminal:
sudo systemctl poweroff
do work.

with regards
Ch. Hanisch

Are these different desktops on the same system? Or 3 separate systems?

I believe that would be Logout in English. If you click on logout you should then get a window that offers options to logout, restart, shutdown, and so forth. If not I would guess something is broken or corrupted. But you also should have the options shown in the 1st screen-shot above. If you don’t then I would guess something is broken or corrupted.

In a ROME Plasma desktop user should be able to type as user in terminal (Konsole) reboot or poweroff and the system should do as exactly as the typed command says. If you have to use sudo systemctl poweroff to poweroff the system and nothing else works I would guess that something is broken or some file is corrupted or missing. or there may be conflicting files.

I realize those aren’t answers someone wants the hear.

One thing to try is to create a new user and see if if the new user has the expected logout, restart, shutdown. ect. options. If so then this should be somewhat easy to resolve. If not then I may not know enough to help resolve this but we do have other folks to ask.

Note: The second screen-shot above is a lockout/logout widget that a user can add to menu panel if they wish. A “user add”.

Note-2: I would guess because I can not know what is on or has been done to a users computer.

Someone marked this thread as Solved is this true?

If not could you show us what you are seeing with screen-shots?

here the ScreenShot:

Only the “Abmelden” is shown on this ScreenShot.

with regards
Ch. Hanisch

is this the fullscreen default menu? or it is an applet you downloaded/added later?
Details, please.

I have not added a applet.
But I use Lightdm because sddm don’t work after upgrade to Rolling.

When I add a Applet the following View with greyed out “Herunterfahren”, “Neustart”:

with regards
Ch. Hanisch

Upgrading from Rock/4.3 to ROME is tested on default Plasma desktop system. Not a system with other desktops added and other destop manager added (lightdm). Plus other possible customizations. Not saying anything you have done is wrong, but it does complicate problem solving for someone that does not know everything you have done to your system. So problem solving this is beyond my knowledge level.

I suggest 3 possible courses of action.

  1. A guess: try removing both sddm and lightdm and reinstalling only sddm. To remove sddm you would do: sudo dnf rm sddm* For lightdm I would guess: sudo dnf rm lightdm*. Then instal sddm: sudo dnf in sddm.

  2. Contact devs directly at OpenMandriva Chat.

  3. Do a fresh install.

There really is a reason that we put something like this in system upgrade how to articles:

A fresh install is always preferred over a system (distribution) upgrade. Always, always, always.

@Hanisch the best option for you is to backup your important data and start with a fresh install.

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