OMLx 4.0 wallpapers-extra - Images

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Something like this? Actually this is one called simply galaxy (2) available to all in “Configure your Deskop” from

But I really like it. Of course I’ll probably have a new one within a week…

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any thoughts on these …open to suggestions nitroIntro3


One more with OM logo.nitroIntro4


one more just for kicksnitroIntro1f

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penguin Wallpaper is OK. Nice

thank you :slight_smile:

I play the word association game!
Nitrogen > Life
It isn’t C, but N is very important too.

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Word association …OpenMandriva

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If we are playing word association let’s be cool and put a bee on a flower theme with a snowy background. :slight_smile: I’m no artist but snow crystals could work to keep the scale right.

snow-bee :grinning:snowbee3
sort of…or maybe I could add snow to this …SBconcept and a stem !


just for interest …Blueweave BeeBlueWeaveBee

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The top one I like better.


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: u crack me up

Last Bee :slight_smile: Bee

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Omdv seems to be sinking. Please don’t let it bee :wink:

From where comes snowbee3.jpg? It let me think about Swiss or Italian Alps … somewhere.

The top one’s great but alas too busy maybe you could perch your bee on this snow crystal :slight_smile:

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Gosaukamm mountain range in Gosau, Austria.

Thanks. Austrian Alps then :slight_smile: